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White paper: Employee 360 – Create Meaningful Journeys with 360-degree Views

White paper

Serving as an enterprise’s most valuable asset, employees and their positive experiences in the company are central to enterprise success. However, information about employees is dotted across various tools and systems without any meaningful way of extracting information. As a result, enterprises are continually looking for an effective way of building a 360-degree view over all of their employees, be it through their experiences, acquired skills from projects or even career goals. This aggregated view falls into a methodology we call “Employee 360” which allows companies to develop meaningful journeys for their employees in regards to their skill development and nurturing.

Knowledge graphs serve as the basis for helping to siphon this pertinent information from disparate data silos in order to link all the information together. 

In this article, we explain how knowledge graphs can help link together information and data silos across the entire employee lifecycle. Do you want to learn more about Employee 360 and how to develop meaningful journeys for your employees? Get started by reading about its many benefits in our white paper.

Have a sneak peek at the topics to be discussed:

  • What is a Knowledge Graph?
  • The Employee Lifecycle
  • Attracting potential Employee Candidates
  • The Recruitment of a new Employee
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Development and Training of Employees
  • Retention of Employee
  • Separation or Retirement of Employees
  • Employee 360 in Enterprise 360


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