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Empowering Digital Workers with PoolParty for SharePoint and
WAND Taxonomies

Kickstart your PoolParty for Sharepoint journey with WAND taxonomies

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Alexi Lopez-Lorca, Associate Director of Professional Services & Product Manager of PoolParty for SharePoint Integration, Semantic Web Company

Ross Leher, CEO, WAND Inc.


July 11, 2024

Nearly 50% of digital workers struggle to find the information they need

In a recent survey done by Garnter, Inc. it was discovered that an astonishing 47% of digital workers struggle to find the right information needed to perform their jobs effectively – many of them struggling to stay afloat in a sea of information and applications. 

Get the right information in a fraction of the time

PoolParty for SharePoint leverages Semantic AI to streamline content management within SharePoint Online, facilitating enhanced information exchange through semantic search, automated tagging, and a centralized taxonomy manager. In just a matter of hours post-setup, our innovative software solution seamlessly categorizes SharePoint documents, suggests related content, conducts semantic searches, and enriches documents with valuable insights from external sources.

A taxonomy serves as the foundation for organizing information, and chances are, your company already has one in place – but if not, WAND-curated taxonomies can kickstart this process for you. A taxonomy is championed for its ability to categorize data in a structured hierarchy based on their relationships, a taxonomy plays a crucial role in enabling effective semantic search. Imagine the impact a WAND-assisted PoolParty taxonomy integrated into your SharePoint libraries could have on enhancing information retrieval and knowledge management.

This webinar, led by Alexi Lopez-Lorca, Associate Director of Professional Services & Product Manager of PoolParty for SharePoint Integration, and Ross Leher, CEO of WAND Inc., will walk you through the following aspects and explain the benefits of kickstarting your PoolParty for SharePoint journey with WAND taxonomies:

  • What are some typical pain points when using Microsoft SharePoint
  • How can WAND-curated taxonomies help overcome these challenges
  • Limitations of the “OOTB” Term Store approach
  • Jumping into the solution – how to get started
  • Demo using WAND-curated taxonomies in the PoolParty environment

In the meantime, have a look at our product pages to learn more about the full WAND taxonomy catalogue and how PoolParty for SharePoint can be used to enhance your experience of SharePoint Online.

We hope to see you there!


Alexi Lopez-Lorca

Alexi Lopez-Lorca

Associate Director of Professional Services & Product Manager of PoolParty for SharePoint Integration at Semantic Web Company

Alexi is the Product Manager of the PoolParty for SharePoint solution and also the Associate Director of Professional Services at Semantic Web Company (SWC).

As a Product Manager of PoolParty for SharePoint, Alexi manages the backlog, development and releases of the solution, balancing strategic and customer-driven features as part of the roadmap. As Associate Director of Professional Services, he helps coordinate our teams to ensure that customers receive excellence of service using PoolParty. At operational level, Alexi has carried out tasks to support customer organizations in all sectors and of all sizes, during their whole lifecycle, including presales efforts, solutions architecture, and project management.

Alexi has a background in academia, having spent nearly 10 years in various Australian universities. He holds a PhD on the intersection of requirements engineering and artificial intelligence.

Ross Leher

Ross Leher

CEO of WAND Inc.

Ross Leher is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WAND, Inc. Mr. Leher, whose background includes international commerce, trade, and retailing, has a proven record of growing innovative businesses in highly competitive markets.

WAND has developed structured vocabularies with related tools and services to improve the performance of 140+ enterprise applications. WAND’s Taxonomy Library contains more than 100 domain specific taxonomies WAND data can be integrated into a wide variety of enterprise applications. Mr. Leher is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Economics.