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Investing in the right PoolParty Product Bundle for you

In order to make purchasing decisions easier, the PoolParty Team has put together various PoolParty product bundles. Our standard bundles include:

These help you get started with knowledge management processes and build up scalable search, recommender, and graph-based applications.

The new Generative AI Bundle allows you to combine knowledge graphs and LLMs for better domain fidelity and fewer hallucinations. With all the elements included in this bundle, you will be able to develop a Generative AI application of your own with a basis that is more trustworthy than others on the market. Knowledge graphs keep the human-in-the-loop and ensure that the LLM is tailored to your specific business case so you won’t have to worry about it spewing out useless information.

This slide deck gives information about the various PoolParty Product bundles, the pain points that the bundles help remedy, and how to get started. Get more bang for your buck with these product offerings.

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Business solutions with Semantic AI

Kickstart your way into semantics. Try out our semantic AI starter kit to build a pilot application for your use case.

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