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PoolParty 2024 Release

Our latest product innovations aimed towards reliable Generative AI and a seamless PoolParty experience.

This page covers all you need to know about our latest software release: PoolParty 2024. What exactly is this release all about? Since Generative AI and large language models are on everyone’s lips, we have a couple of features that should satisfy this interest. We also have done some usability improvements and made semantic search and intelligent content more accessible. 

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Let us guide you through the newest features.

The following videos highlight the key aspects of the PoolParty 2024 Release. Click on the video to learn more about the topic, see demos of the features, and how you can benefit as the user. 

Taxonomy Advisor

Here, Java Software Engineer Márk Szabó gives us an overview of our new feature that relies on an LLM that is integrated with PoolParty to suggest new concepts for the taxonomy tree. 

What you get: Faster taxonomy creation and maintenance with an LLM assistant.

Data Validator 

UI/UX Designer Martin Svrcek tells you about the design improvements made to the Data Validator – our feature for finding and repairing data errors that appear in the taxonomy.

What you get: Users can run checks on their PoolParty data more seamlessly.

Recommender System Workflow and APIs

Senior Backend Engineer Martin Schröder walks through the workflow of a semantic recommendation from extraction to expansion to retrieval, and the APIs that are used in this process

What you get: A recommender system that goes beyond similarity matches and uses context to offer up sophisticated pairings of content for further reading.

Recommender Workbench, Visual Query Builder 

Here, Martin Schauer, Lead of Application Development, gives an overview of updates made to the Recommender Workbench, our platform for creating semantic recommender systems.

What you get: Create sophisticated recommendations in a graphical interface – regardless of your skill level.

PoolParty Search Application

Here, Martin Schauer, Lead of Application Development, unveils an out-of-box platform for semantic search that’s built in our user friendly Application Development Framework.

What you get: A pre-built semantic search application that can be used immediately or easily customized to your needs.

Front-end Routing 

Frontend Engineer Pablo Pacheco dives into a UX improvement that totally changes the way PoolParty loads data. Edited concepts and the taxonomy tree can refresh in tandem instead of waiting for the different components to load separately.

What you get: A faster experience in PoolParty while editing the taxonomy and a shareable concept URL.

PoolParty 2024 Spotlight: Extracting concepts in seconds instead of minutes

Aside from the addition of new features, the PoolParty development team also worked on the improvement of existing ones. Senior Backend Engineer Martin Schröder made the PoolParty Extractor better than ever. 

The measured resource usage (intermediate in-memory data, CPU-time for all operations) of the Extractor has gone down by roughly 75-90%, depending on the scenario. 

This infographic compares the speed of previous versions of the PoolParty Extractor to the PoolParty 2024.

This scenario, which is comparable to a typical customer usage in terms of the scale of the document, managed to save time by 85%. The Extractor has been optimized significantly while still offering up the precision and accuracy from before.

Introducing our new PoolParty Product Bundles!

On top of the product developments, we’ve also used this software release cycle to work on sales offerings. We’ve changed up some of our existing bundles, and added a new one as well. 

The new Generative AI Bundle allows you to combine knowledge graphs and LLMs for better domain fidelity and fewer hallucinations. With all the elements included in this bundle, you will be able to develop a Generative AI application of your own with a basis that is more trustworthy than others on the market. Knowledge graphs keep the human-in-the-loop and ensure that the LLM is tailored to your specific business case so you won’t have to worry about it spewing out useless information. 

Even better, you can kick start this process NOW! The PoolParty GenAI Starter Kit means you can begin experimenting with a pilot application all under the helpful guidance of our experts.

Read more about these bundles in our overview presentation.

You’ll get information about the different bundles, the pain points that the bundles help remedy, and how to get started.

PoolParty 2024 Spotlight: Knowledge graphs + LLMs demo application

Want an example of what all of this can culminate to? In parallel to the PoolParty 2024 release, Senior Application Engineer Kurt Moser and Senior Brand and Design Manager Susan Härtig worked on a Generative AI demo application.

The application fuses knowledge graphs with an LLM to improve the accuracy and relevancy of the LLM’s output. It uses natural language processing and semantic search to ensure that documents are found based on the user’s intent of the query, as well as generates new content and summaries about this topic while in dialogue with the chatbot.

PoolParty for SharePoint: Multi-taxonomy tagging, Managed Metadata, Term Store sync

Along with the PoolParty 2024 Release, changes and improvements have been made to the PoolParty for SharePoint integration. PoolParty for SharePoint is a solution that uses Semantic AI to automate content management in SharePoint Online and enable better information exchange. It lets you take advantage of semantic search, automated tagging, and a centralized taxonomy manager – offering a more powerful search experience to the native SharePoint Online application.

Improvements to the PoolParty for SharePoint integration include:

  • The ability to tag a library with multiple taxonomies and concept schemes for greater coverage and granularity of tagging
  • Automated tagging to the Managed Metadata column, allowing the user to retrieve content in the native SharePoint search and/or third-party integrations
  • Easy synchronization between PoolParty taxonomies and the native SharePoint Term Store, with preservation of GUIDs
  • A hardened application for increased robustness 
  • Connection of a SharePoint list or library to a single PoolParty taxonomy multiple times, allowing you to define a customized configuration for each connection
  • Advanced tagging configuration options, including corpus scoring to influence the score of your tags or taxonomy-based disambiguation

Want to see the release in technical detail? Head over to our Help Documentation to read the PoolParty 2024 Release notes.

To learn more about these capabilities and benefits of the PoolParty 2024 release, connect with a PoolParty expert!

They’ll talk you through these features and give you a guided tour.