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Use Cases

PoolParty is a fantastic tool to help companies extract more value from their data. It combines Knowledge Graphs, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to enable organizations to better classify, link, analyze and understand their data. Take a look at these PoolParty use cases and find out how it can help your organization make the most out of the knowledge it produces.

Metadata Management

Metadata Management is key to staying competitive – especially in fast-moving markets. The PoolParty Semantic Suite combines Knowledge Graphs, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to completely change the way organizations deal with data. With PoolParty, companies can build a semantic layer that, when applied to their information architecture, enables them to automatically analyze and create rich metadata. With semantic metadata, they can bridge data silos and gain a unified view of structured and unstructured data.

Enterprise Data Integration

With PoolParty Semantic Integrator you can link and integrate your heterogeneous data landscape in an agile way. Create scalable and robust knowledge graphs. Your business can now flexibly combine and access data as your actual operational needs require.

Taxonomy & Thesaurus Management

PoolParty Taxonomy & Thesaurus Server is a first-class system for the development and maintenance of your knowledge models. It differs from other market solutions by powerful functions such as integrated text mining or visualization. PoolParty can be embedded into existing solutions thanks to comprehensive APIs.

Ontology Management

PoolParty lets you design knowledge graphs at your own pace and with speed. Create your own ontologies and custom schemes by reusing already existing ontologies such as FOAF, FIBO, and CHEBI, among others. Apply them to your existing taxonomies with ease.

Semantic Search

The semantic search understands the user. Digital assistants help to formulate the search query. E-commerce customers, citizens and knowledge workers benefit equally from high accuracy.

Text Mining & Entity Extraction

Most of your organizational knowledge is stored in documents. Text Mining & Entity Extraction is the foundation of multiple applications essential for knowledge-intensive corporations in a digital environment.

Concept Tagging

PoolParty provides you with services based on precise algorithms to tag and classify your content and data objects. Concept Tagging integrations improve content quality, search and user experience of your collaboration and knowledge hubs.

Linked Data Management

Semantic Web technologies are based on linked data. With PoolParty, you have a powerful solution for developing a semantic layer that organizes all your digital assets into virtual graphs.