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Smart, Stable, Reliable and Secure!

Benefit from semantic software used by many large organizations since 2009. Get an overview: PoolParty Functions & Features:

Graph Management

Usability Is Key

PoolParty provides excellent tools for your taxonomy, thesaurus and knowledge graph management. PoolParty is based on Semantic Web standards, easy to integrate, thus ready for future-proof projects.

Entity Extraction

Semantics As a Service

PoolParty Entity Extractor is a highly precise and an extremely performant service to automatically process the meaning of structured and unstructured information based on your business vocabularies & rules.

Link & Integrate

Integrate Everything

PoolParty is natively built on RDF graph databases. This extremely expressive data model opens up new options for information and data integration. Benefit from SPARQL, the king of all data scientist’s tools.

Search & Analyze

Beyond Document Search

PoolParty Graph Search combines challenges typical for semantic search as well as for data analytics. Our methodologies will advance your analytics capabilities by using linked data and knowledge graphs.

PoolParty Technical White Paper

Learn more about the technical components of PoolParty Semantic Software Suite. See how to integrate the middleware into your Enterprise Information Systems:

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