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The PoolParty Semantic Suite offers different features that help organisations extract more value from their data. Find out here which features you can use to achieve your business goals.

PoolParty Thesaurus Server

Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management. Create, maintain and benefit from Enterprise Knowledge Graphs: precise and efficient.

PoolParty Extractor

Text Mining at the highest level: Entity Extraction based on knowledge models combined with methods of machine learning. Use PoolParty to analyze even knowledge-intensive and complex text patterns.

PoolParty GraphEditor

PoolParty GraphEditor complements taxonomy and ontology management and supports knowledge graph management along the entire data lifecycle.

PoolParty Semantic Classifier

More accurate document classification through a combination of semantic knowledge graphs with machine learning.

PoolParty UnifiedViews

Data silos are a challenge to the digital transformation. When data is isolated in one department or database and not available to an entire organization, employees have to spend a lot of time searching for information. This is very costly to organizations. PoolParty UnifiedViews solves this problem through agile data integration. With it, organizations have an overview of all their knowledge in one single place, without the need to create and build more data.

PoolParty PowerTagging

Searching, validating and processing information directly impacts the quality and efficiency of work and decision-making. With PoolParty PowerTagging, finding information in Content Management Systems like SharePoint is much easier.

PoolParty GraphSearch Server

More than full-text search: From semantic search to in-depth data analysis to knowledge mining!

PoolParty GraphViews

Discover the many hidden connections, develop a view of the big picture and view your data with the help of graph visualizations.

PoolParty API

Semantics as a Service: Integrate taxonomies, ontologies and knowledge graphs into your enterprise architecture. Extract knowledge from texts on-the-fly. On-premise or cloud, scalable, secure and in use worldwide.

PoolParty ranks higher than industry average in taxonomy and metadata management capabilities.

SoftwareReviews is a research service that collects unbiased reviews of software vendors capabilities and measures them across companies in the industry. Aside from the features referenced in the chart, PoolParty also got over 80% scores in Automation of Metadata and APIs and Integration capabilities.