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Gain new insights by breaking up data silos.


You already use a set of next generation technologies that address data integration, information analytics, and metadata management?

You know that ‘more data’ not necessarily means ‘smart data’?

Semantic technologies complement the tool-set of today’s data scientists.

Your challenge

You have the freedom to establish an innovative data-driven culture, as nobody in your organization actually knows how to tackle the sophisticated data analytics challenges.

But expectations are high and you operate on a tight budget, that slows down your progress.

If you find reasonable solutions for your data work, often your IT department obstructs the implementation of new technologies.

Our solution

With PoolParty you address your manifold data analytic challenges by choosing the technology components you need. You can extend the semantic solution approach gradually at your company’s pace.

In most cases, you don`t need IT support to customize the software to your actual needs.

PoolParty can be integrated with several well-established technologies like graph databases or data visualization tools.

PoolParty Semantic Suite

Taxonomy & Thesaurus Management

Build your knowledge foundation

Text Mining & Entity Extraction

Profit from unstructured data

Ontology Management

Manage your business complexity

Concept Tagging

Structure your digital assets

Data Integration

Interlink your data semi-automatically

Linked Data Management

Get ready for non-relational data

Semantic Search

Stop searching, start finding

Recommender System

Personalize your User Experience

Analytics & Visualization

Recognize insights immediately

Your benefits

  •  PoolParty is a W3C standards-based semantic technology suite that includes all tools you need to work flexibly with structured and unstructured data.
  •  With PoolParty you build the foundation of operational effectiveness: Linked Data Management guarantees high data quality. Once established, data repositories get automatically updated.
  • The power of SPARQL, the query language for knowledge graphs, goes beyond what most data scientists have been using so far.
  •  You become part of a global, very supportive expert community. We are excited to shape the data business of the future as you are. We encourage Semantic Web knowledge transfer in our customer and partner ecosystem.
  •  Compared to other Big Data methods and solutions, PoolParty licensing, implementation and training is very competitive.

Your Semantic Web tutorial

Do you think Semantic Web offers interesting methods & tool-sets for your pioneering work?
You wonder how to start learning it?
We guide you step-by-step through the essentials.

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