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PoolParty UnifiedViews

Benefit from agile enterprise data integration based on RDF standards and graph technologies. Automate your Knowledge Graph Management. UnifiedViews can simultaneously handle structured and unstructured data sources and link them with each other.

Unified views flowchart image

Your Anything-to-RDF Platform for a more Agile Data Integration

  • Data processing tasks modelled as pipelines: make use of the intuitively usable graphical interface.
  • Versatile data integration platform: link data from internal and external data sources in a central data warehouse.
  • Custom plugins: your data processing pipelines are highly customizable by creating your own data processing units (DPUs).
  • Linked Data Analytics: benefit from ‘Smart Data Lakes’ based on RDF graphs to be analyzed with SPARQL.

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Rich Feature Set

  • DPU library: comprehensive and constantly growing DPU library supporting several data sources and formats (APIs, XLM, CSV, RDF and many others).
  • Execution monitor: view and track detailed information about pipeline execution.
  • Scheduler: create and view scheduling rules of pipelines.
UnifiedViews monitor interface image

Get Involved!

UnifiedViews is available under GPLv3 – therefore free for any non-commercial use and re-use! PoolParty Semantic Integrator licenses include a license for commercial use of UnifiedViews. We provide services and trainings around UnifiedViews.