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Efficient Enterprise Information Integration based on RDF and Linked Data.

ETL tool for RDF data integration

  • Data processing tasks modelled as pipelines: Make use of the intuitively usable graphical interface
  • Versatile data integration platform: Link data from internal and external data sources in a central data warehouse
  • Custom plugins: Your data processing pipelines are highly customizable by creating your own data processing units (DPUs)
  • Linked Data Analytics: Benefit from ‘Smart Data Lakes’ based on RDF graphs to be analyzed with SPARQL
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Rich feature set

  • DPU library: Comprehensive and constantly growing DPU library supporting several data sources and formats (APIs, XLM, CSV, RDF beside many others)
  • Execution monitor: View and track detail information about pipeline execution
  • Scheduler: Create and view scheduling rules of pipelines
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How to get involved

UnifiedViews is available under GPLv3 and thereby for any non-commercial use and re-use!
PoolParty Semantic Integrator licenses include a license for commercial use of UnifiedViews.
We provide services and trainings around UnifiedViews.

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