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Gray literature collection, tagging and triplification with PoolParty

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Les Kneebone, Information Architect / Digital Librarian at Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis, University of Melbourne

Sebastian Gabler, Chief Customer Officer at Semantic Web Company


October 5, 2023

Making the ESG puzzle pieces fit

The multidisciplinary nature of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) means that putting data together to make it understandable and actionable can be a rather demanding task.

Using data to help avoid an outbreak of invasive species 

In this on-demand webinar, Les Kneebone, Information Architect and Digital Librarian at CEBRA, will discuss a project that collects biosecurity research metadata from open access sources, such as government, industry and research institution repositories. The project uses technology, including PoolParty Taxonomy Management and Unified Views, to organize, transform and tag biosecurity research. The goal is to make biosecurity gray literature more accessible, and to address terminology issues for answering biosecurity questions that are typically asked in the ESG space.

After this webinar you’ll understand:

  • What is biosecurity
  • What does biosecurity research cover
  • How to build new biosecurity taxonomies, assisted by corpus linguistic analysis 
  • How to collect and transform metadata
  • Possibilities for intersecting concepts and schemes to gain insights to ESG problems

Additionally, Sebastian Gabler, Chief Customer Office at Semantic Web Company, will deliver a live demo of a semantic knowledge hub that captures various sources of data and presents all the relevant information in a user-friendly way. Our goal is to show attendees how organizations can leverage taxonomies to bridge information gaps in the knowledge-intensive domain of ESG.


Les Kneebone

Les Kneebone

Information Architect / Digital Librarian Centre of Excellence for Biosecurity Risk Analysis University of Melbourne

Les has worked in a number of digital library projects where collections of policy research, grey literature and scholarly resources are managed. Les is an active thesaurus compiler and avid participant within the research vocabularies community.

Sebastian Gabler

Sebastian Gabler

Chief Customer Officer at Semantic Web Company

In 2017, Sebastian joined Semantic Web Company in Vienna and was appointed Chief Customer Officer in 2020. In this position, he supports customers from all industries in developing intelligent applications with semantic AI. Sebastian has worked in various companies in the areas of technology, sales, and project management, including 11 years in the field of audiovisual archiving, and has recently completed his Master of Sciences in Library and Information Science.

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