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Smart Assistants for Customer Support Services

Automation solutions based on Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the foundation for the next generation of smart assistants.

“By 2021, chatbot built-in functionality will see mainstream adoption for customer-facing applications, replacing 30% of all human-to-human customer-facing interactions.”
Gartner Predicts 2018: Enterprise Application Software — The Next Upgrade Is Coming (2017)

Why Can't Your Bot Understand You?

Most automation solutions for customer support are based on too simple methodologies to understand the intent of a customer’s question correctly.
Users ask same things in many different ways, which makes it difficult for bots to answer questions accurately.
Bots based on machine learning only bare the risk of learning undesired bad behaviours.
Machine learning algorithms underperform if you don’t have enough data to train your bot.

How Can PoolParty Semantic Suite Make Your Bot Smarter?

PoolParty identifies the intent of your customer’s interactions by extracting terms and entities from your customer’s text while matching it against the concepts of your knowledge graph. As a result, your automation solution offers more accurate answers.
PoolParty’s underlying knowledge models are transparent to subject matter experts, so they can understand and shape your automation solution. You will be able to manage and improve outcomes and better comply with laws and regulations.
PoolParty lets you train your bot in different languages with relatively little effort.
PoolParty enriches your content semantically which helps you to find the appropriate data to fuel your machine learning algorithm. In effect, your bot will become smarter.
PoolParty has built-in learning mechanisms that make your automation solution capable of self-learning. You will be able to extend your knowledge graph and to improve your machine learning algorithms automatically.
PoolParty helps you link existing internal data sources (e.g., CRM) with external systems (e.g., Social Media) to find information and offer a personalized user experience in the era of the connected customer.

PoolParty Out-of-the-Box Solutions

PoolParty Virtual Assistant

We developed a first-level virtual assistant application that uses intelligent knowledge to support our clients with a Q & A machine about PoolParty software. A search box with a smart autocomplete function facilitates user’s queries.

The virtual assistant enhances the customer’s experience offering suitable resources from the PoolParty help portal and also recommendations for related content. We merged two knowledge graphs and linked several data sources using SPARQL queries and UnifiedViews to model our knowledge base.

Who is working with PoolParty?

Data Scientist

Automation solutions work smarter if based on high quality data. With semantic technologies, data scientists and domain experts can consistently link and enrich data. A semantic layer helps to find the right data sets to train your automation solution. You will be able to develop smart applications even with little data inputs within a specific knowledge domain.

Information Architect

PoolParty helps information architects better align with different stakeholders to establish a well-functioning enterprise information platform. You will structure content to meet customer needs and be able to scale processes to optimize resources. Semantic technologies offer a future-proof framework that integrates with major technology advancements like machine learning and artificial intelligence.