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Robust Enterprise Semantics.

Linked Data technologies are now at your fingertips.

Working as an information architect means to think in multiple disciplines. Responsibilities may range from database management up to user experience.

Information architects must be able to understand the business and subject matter requirements of many stakeholders and align them in a well-functioning enterprise information platform.

How information architects work with PoolParty

Information architects build in close cooperation with subject matter experts a knowledge graph that is the foundation for semi-automated categorisation and linking of content, which is scattered across the silos.
A profound metadata management with PoolParty enables the information architect to improve content management workflows, introduce search capabilities for structured and unstructured data, and provide new personalized content services.
With PoolParty, information architects start a project-based transition to well-proven graph databases, without exposing their organization to technological risks.

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PoolParty for taxonomists

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PoolParty for content strategists

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PoolParty for data scientists

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Your benefits

  • The PoolParty Semantic Technology Suite is a complete and highly flexible toolset for the innovative information architect.
  • The PoolParty Semantic Platform is as solid as enterprise software should be.
  • PoolParty Suite can be rolled out and scaled out stepwise by adding specific components for growing requirements.
  • PoolParty includes role-adapted modules. The information architect becomes more successful as his stakeholders can individually contribute to a solid content engine depending on their expertise and responsibilities.
  • For leading document and content management systems as Drupal, Confluence, WordPress, Alfresco, or SharePoint, PoolParty is available as an out-of-the box solution. RESTful APIs ensure that other 3rd party integrations are rolled out smoothly and efficient as well.

Your guide for content intelligence

Do you want to provide superior content intelligence? Semantic technologies are key.

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