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Automating Knowledge Graph Management with PoolParty Semantic Suite

Recorded Webinar
PoolParty UnifiedViews is an RDF and knowledge graph oriented data integration and service orchestration platform to develop, link, configure and automate the knowledge graph management processes.

In this webinar we will give you an extensive introduction on UnifiedViews including its concepts, positioning in PoolParty Semantic Suite, use cases and applications in productive environments with a focus on the automation of knowledge graph management. At the end of this webinar, we expect you to acquire a general understanding of this platform to be able to deploy the same paradigms in your own environments and discover and even develop other potential use cases.

Watch PoolParty Product Manager Yuanzhe Yang and Senior Data Consultant Jürgen Jakobitsch to learn more about:

  • RDF based data integration from different data sources such as relational databases and content management systems
  • Concept extraction and named entity extraction with PoolParty and other knowledge services
  • RDF data linking to DBpedia
  • Automation of data indexing for GraphSearch

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