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PoolParty GraphSearch Server

More than full-text search: From semantic search to in-depth data analysis to knowledge mining!

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Beyond Simple Search for Documents

  • Semantic search at the highest level: PoolParty GraphSearch Server combines the power of graph databases and SPARQL engines with features of ‘traditional’ search engines like Solr or Elastic Search.
  • Document search and visual analytics: benefit from additional insights through interactive visualizations of reports and search results – derived from your data lake by executing sophisticated SPARQL queries.
  • Data linking: GraphSearch can be based on various linked knowledge graphs, created by automatic data transformation, extracted from databases or custom tailored by taxonomists.

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Versatile Search Platform

  • GraphSearch API: create and configure your own search and analytics application – based on a management system for SPARQL facet queries and RDF visualizations.
  • GraphSearch WebApp: based on Spring, you can customize your GraphSearch WebApp for your own needs.
  • UnifiedViews: GraphSearch is based on scalable RDF graph stores and linked data. You can gather them from various sources by using UnifiedViews and/or by transforming documents into RDF by means of PoolParty Extractor.

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Available GraphSearch Integrations

  • Apache Solr: benefit from Solr with extended semantic capabilities and most precise faceted search.
  • ElasticSearch: extend your Elasticsearch with taxonomies and more precise semantic indexing – including better support for multilinguality and similarity search (find online demo here).
  • GraphDB: holistic 360-degree views on business entities and their relationships, mapped with a high level of detail.
  • Marklogic: autocomplete, hierarchical faceted search, semantic enrichment of document index, precise similarity search, and contextual enrichment of search terms – all based on your enterprise knowledge graph.
  • Stardog: combine capabilities of a state-of-the-art RDF Graph Database with semantic search features.

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