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Consumer Goods Industry

Case Study

Learn how the Consumer Goods Industry conquer the online world by bringing structure to their product-related data with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge

White paper

We are continually interacting with Knowledge Graphs. However, Knowledge Graphs are a mystery to most. Learn more in this white paper on Knowledge Graphs!

Healthdirect Australia uses PoolParty Semantic Suite for Innovative Health Services

Customer Success Story

Find out how Healthdirect Australia offers an innovative healthcare information system to Australian citizens using PoolParty Semantic Suite.

Semantic AI: Bringing Machine Learning and Knowledge Graphs Together

Recorded Webinar

Implementing AI applications based on machine learning is a significant topic for organizations embracing digital transformation. By 2020, 30% of CIOs will include AI in their top five investment priorities according to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Techn …

Information & Application Security

Product Information, White paper

PoolParty Semantic Suite embraces a transparent approach in regards to internal security processes, applied technologies and third-party vendor relations.

How Sensing Clues preserve Ecosystems and Protect Wildlife in Nature Parks

Customer Success Story

Learn how Sensing Clues uses Enterprise Knowledge Graphs for Wildlife Protection to help preserve ecosystems and protect wildlife in nature parks

What’s New in PoolParty 7.0

Recorded Webinar

PoolParty is proud to announce the launch of PoolParty 7.0. For this release, the PoolParty team has focused on the management of semantic knowledge graphs and linked data governance along the entire data lifecycle. In addition, release 7.0 includes ne …

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Case Study

Download this pharmaceutical and healthcare industry case study to learn how Enterprise Knowledge Graphs can help you understand the value of your data.

PoolParty GraphSearch: Cognitive Search based on Knowledge Graphs

White paper

Download this white paper to learn how cognitive search based on knowledge graphs enable knowledge discovery by combining search, recommendation and analytics.

Leveraging Knowledge Graphs in your Enterprise Knowledge Management System

Recorded Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar about leveraging Knowledge Graphs in your knowledge management system.


Case Study

Discover how to unlock the power of master data management to tackle E-Commerce data complexity with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

Engineering & Construction

Case Study

Learn how to connect enterprise data across disparate systems with a Linked Data strategy to make it accessible, reusable, and interpretable.

Introducing Semantic AI – Ingredients for a sustainable Enterprise AI Strategy

White paper

Six Pillars of a Successful AI Strategy Download this free E-Book to get a comprehensive introduction to AI technologies and how to implement them. Semantic technologies are a core component of intelligent machines. Learn how to align the work of data …

PoolParty Semantic Suite – Technical White Paper

Product Information

Taxonomies as the Corner Stone for Semantic Information Management

Selected Webinar