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White Paper: Recommender Systems for Business Professionals

White paper

Knowledge-based recommender systems combine AI and subject matter expertise to help business professionals complete tasks with comprehensive information. Read about the PoolParty Recommender approach here!

White Paper: High Performance, High ROI

White paper

Best case enviroments for your Poolparty Semantic Suite

Webinar: Outbreak! A Case Study in Biosecurity

Case Study, Recorded Webinar

Tune in for a case study in biosecurity: see how CEBRA uses PoolParty to organize, transform, and tag research in the ESG domain.

White paper: Neo4j and PoolParty Integration for Powerful Document Analysis

White paper

Read how the PoolParty and Neo4j integration, which spans the Semantic Web and property graph world, delivers powerful document analysis to augment human decision making.

Software Reviews: Highly Ranked in Usability, Support, Functionality

Product Information

The PoolParty Semantic Suite was named a Leader in the Metadata Management Data Quandrant Market Report 2022 and a Product Innovator in the 2021 Report.

ESG Risk Management


Above the surface, ESG seems like a lot of red tape but below the surface, ESG has a greater impact. Read more about ESG risk management.

Introduction to Knowledge Graphs for Information Professionals

Presentation Slides

Heather Hedden explains the problems knowledge graphs aim to solve

Webinar: Knowledge Graphs for Information Professionals

Recorded Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, Heather Hedden gives an introduction to knowledge graphs aimed at information professions. This includes definitions and history of knowledge graphs, problems knowledge graphs aim to solve, knowledge graph components, steps of building a knowledge graph, and example applications based on knowledge graphs.

Webinar: Enterprise PowerPack: Get the Fundamentals of Semantic AI

Recorded Webinar

Join Vassil Momtchev, CTO at Ontotext and Martin Trajkov, Business Development & Partner Sales Engineer at SWC, as they guide you through our partnership and show you all the benefits of working with two of the best leaders in the industry.

Semantic AI Starter Kit


Our Semantic AI Starter Kit includes approximately four free hours of consultancy and a pilot application in our software using your data.

Webinar: Responsible AI based on LLMs

Recorded Webinar

In this webinar, Michael Iantosca (Avalara) and Andreas Blumauer (Semantic Web Company) discuss the merging of LLMs and semantic technologies, in particular how knowledge graphs can be used in combination with services like ChatGPT to develop applications that combine the best of both worlds to lead to responsible, explainable generative AI.

Practical Tips for Setting up Taxonomy Governance

Presentation Slides

Heather Hedden addresses the scope and issues of taxonomy governance in this introductory presentation to the subject.

Taxonomy For Delivering Targeted Technical Content

Presentation Slides

In these webinar presentation slides, Heather Hedden explains customization and personalization of taxonomies.

Knowledge Hub Creation Challenges and Solutions

Presentation Slides

In these presentation slides, Heather Hedden defines a knowledge hub, explains its purposes, and presents the example of the Semantic Web Company knowledge hub, including tips and issues in setting up a knowledge hub that is combined with external user documentation.

Webinar: PoolParty for SharePoint: The Release Show

Recorded Webinar

Product Owner, Helmut Nagy, and Product Manager, Alexi Lopez-Lorca, speak to the merits of the PoolParty for SharePoint solution – their experiences with working on it, their recent presence at a Microsoft conference, and other exciting topics.