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Discover the benefits of taxonomies
and quality metadata

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Helmut Nagy, Chief Operating Officer, Semantic Web Company

Daniel Gallar, Associate Director of Sales, Semantic Web Company


November 21, 2023

Great for storing and sharing documents, Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most used workplace intranets on the global market. But many companies suffer from the problem of not being able to find the documents they need within their SharePoint libraries – hence the need to streamline document search experiences.

Getting precise results in a fraction of the time

Alex is a user who is searching for a specific document on biodiversity. She enters the term in SharePoint’s native search field, and gets hit with 7 pages of results filled with inconsistent titles and poor descriptions. The metadata is bad, so a query that should’ve taken only a couple minutes now takes 15.

Now consider how Alex’s experience would drastically improve if the search would return only 1 page of documents and she also had the ability to narrow down the results according to content types, dates, topics, etc. The metadata is good and the search environment has been optimized to ensure that she can get her desired document in the original time she expected.

This is an actual scenario we have tested in our semantic search solution called PoolParty for SharePoint. Join our webinar to see more of this in a live demo!

A taxonomy is the starting point, and it’s likely that you have one in your company already

A taxonomy is championed for its ability to index information in a hierarchically structured format according to the relations between them. It is these relations that help semantic search be so effective, and why a PoolParty taxonomy that sits at the base of your SharePoint libraries could make all the difference.

Our webinar, led by Helmut Nagy, COO, and Daniel Gallar, Associate Director of Sales at Semantic Web Company will walk you through these technical aspects and explain the benefits of PoolParty for SharePoint:

  • What is the solution?
  • How can you quickly get it started using a taxonomy?
  • What are the additional advantages that semantic technologies bring?

In the meantime, have a look at our product page to learn more about how PoolParty for SharePoint can be used to enhance your experience of SharePoint Online. 

We hope to see you there!


Helmut Nagy

Helmut Nagy

Chief Operating Officer, Semantic Web Company

Helmut is Chief Operating Officer of the Semantic Web Company (SWC). In his role as COO he designs and implements customer-centric processes and plans the strategic development of the PoolParty Semantic Suite together with the involved teams based on the SWC business strategy.
Daniel Gallar

Daniel Gallar

Associate Director of Sales, Semantic Web Company

Daniel works as an Associate Director of Sales at SWC. In this role, he advises prospects and customers alike in order to ensure their PoolParty semantic journey is as smooth and bespoke as possible and they are utilizing PoolParty to its full potential.

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