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Recommender System

The development of a reliable recommender engine requires a structured and consistent content and data management. PoolParty equips you with all necessary tools and algorithms to enable your customers to benefit from a first-class user experience thanks to the precise personalization of content.

The Realities of Online Personalization

“94% percent of companies agree that content personalization is critical to current and future business success. But 72% of those companies admit that they don’t know how to do it.”
Econsultancy (2013): The realities of online personalization

PoolParty’s Answer to the Challenge:

  • Build a PoolParty knowledge graph that classifies your content subjects.
  • Link subject categories with each other and start developing a content network.
  • Use the PoolParty module ‘Entity Extractor’ to analyze your content and match it with your knowledge graph.
  • Metadata gets automatically attached to your content repository. You can manually adapt it if necessary.
  • The semantic information embodied in the knowledge graph and the content itself is what makes content recommendation work.
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Your Benefits

  • PoolParty’s Content Recommender lets you build a sustainable framework for delivering automatically existing information to various stakeholders.
  • Your context-based content gets frequently reused.
  • You generate new ‘digital products’ through topic pages that are created and automatically updated by the Content Recommender.

Take a Closer Look at the Content Recommender:

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PoolParty Modules at a Glance

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How to Build a Recommender

How to Build a Recommender System:

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