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White Paper: Recommender Systems for Business Professionals

White paper

On the consumer side, recommender systems are well known and used quite extensively on platforms like Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. In the B2B market, recommender systems for business professionals – whether that be in a corporate or non-profit environment – are used to make the workplace more efficient both from an internal operations standpoint to customer relations as well. While there are various types of B2B recommender systems on the market, knowledge-based recommender systems are proving to be a reliable source, especially in the face of Generative AI.

Where other systems might rely exclusively on machine learning and/or Generative AI to offer up preliminary answers to their questions, knowledge-based recommender systems combine various AI techniques with subject matter expertise to provide comprehensive knowledge about a subject or task. These systems follow the human-in-the-loop principle to ensure that decisions are justified and trustworthy.

In an enterprise, recommender systems can only be helpful if they match the specific requirements of the employees who are using them. The PoolParty Recommender takes this into consideration using a knowledge-based approach that is built from a company’s own data and domain knowledge and creates sophisticated pairings of content to the user’s query.

Download this white paper to learn more about recommender systems for business professionals:

  • Enterprise recommender systems

  • Types of recommender systems

  • The PoolParty Recommender: methodology and technical sneak peek

  • Use Cases

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