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Semantic Data Fabric

A new solution to data silos

The Semantic Data Fabric is a new solution to data silos that combines the best-of-breed technologies, data catalogs and knowledge graphs based on Semantic AI. Its ultimate goal is to unify unstructured, semi-structured and structured data to make all that available as if it were one database. The Semantic Data Fabric combines the respective advantages of data lakes, data warehouses, and cloud-native data catalogs and complements them with the advanced linking methods and text mining facilities that Semantic Graph Technologies bring with them.

Gartner predicts that

“The cutting edge here is to use these semantic tools (increasingly enhanced with ML) in conjunction with a data fabric. In 2020, the PoolPArty Semantic Platform partnered with to offer this powerful combination. Ensure language, vision and web/app activity share concept models and categories

Gartner Research on 2021 Strategic Roadmap for Enterprise AI: Natural Language Architecture

The Semantic Web Company—vendor of PoolParty—has been named a Visionary in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions.

The Benefit: Analytics Over Connected Metadata in a Knowledge Graph Generates More Value From Data

Use PoolParty to benefit from consistent metadata across your organization including semantic variations and multilingualism. With it, you can start tagging your data automatically by matching the relevance of terms and context found in text and documents against your standards-based Enterprise Knowledge Graph. With PoolParty, you can discover the knowledge that your enterprise possesses by finding patterns in your data that hide previously undetected pieces of knowledge. Become a PoolParty user and gain in-depth analytics from your structured or unstructured data, or a combination of both. Use PoolParty to find patterns and topics of interest that will help you stay compliant with all relevant regulatory frameworks and also make well-informed decisions.

Three Example Business Cases for a Semantic Data Fabric

Here are three examples of how companies can use a data fabric to extract more value from data:

Enrich your knowledge

You can find valuable unstructured information about the customer on the web, social media, and in other channels, to augment your understanding of the customer and the problem they are experiencing.

Predict accurately

Replacing equipment can cost millions of dollars. Anticipating failure to provide life-extending maintenance and plan for replacement is essential. To accurately predict equipment failure, you need data from different observation, reporting, and maintenance systems. A data solution that understands and links text and other data across different sources can improve predictions and save businesses millions.

Optimize costs

Not seeing the full picture of your employees’ skills and expertise costs you precious time and money. Typically, such information is siloed in HR databases, resume documents, and other disconnected systems. By combining this unstructured and structured data, you can optimize costs and boost productivity by better matching your people to problems and tasks.

A Strong Partnership

Driven by a joint passion for knowledge graph technology, and PoolParty, two leading metadata management platforms, have teamed up to provide a powerful solution. Businesses that leverage both products will benefit from a highly scalable, standards-based, and user-friendly business solution that meets the requirements of enterprise data management and metadata management.

Do you want more?

Learn more about Semantic Data Fabric and how to implement it in your organization in our Webinar Series.