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Semantic Web Company and Simple[A] announce partnership as demand for intelligent customer experiences skyrockets.

July 25, 2022


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Semantic Web Company and Simple[A] announce partnership as demand for intelligent customer experience skyrockets.

Semantic Web Company announced this week a new partnership with Simple [A], a Texas-based Content Intelligence Service Provider, striving to unify people, processes, and technology for omnichannel publishing and real-time personalized customer experiences.

Simple[A] and Semantic Web Company are collaborating to enhance industry-leading methodologies including the [A] content intelligence framework, the Core Content Model, and Core Semantic Model methodology, to help rationalize diverse content sets for interoperability and omnichannel publishing.

The alliance provides the ability to seamlessly present a complete intelligent content solution in which structure and semantics are represented and specific solutions are offered.

Over the last ten years, [A] has been working with enterprise content leaders on portfolio-level changes to content supply chains across the practices of strategy, operations and engineering for content. We empower and equip change leaders and so we get to see real progress being made.”
Cruce Saunders Founder

Principal, Author, Content Engineer, [A]

The holistic approach to ICX helps managers of content-delivery systems who want to personalize their content by providing the tools and configuration which utilize content structure and semantics. Both parties will work on ways to show how DITA-structured content can work in conjunction with a Knowledge Graph to demonstrate the value and power of the combination of content structure and semantics. 

In the Semantic Web Company’s role as a global leader in Knowledge and Information Management consulting services and graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solution, teaming up with other highly- driven and ambitious enterprises is part of the company’s vision to build a unified roadmap of competent partners. 

About Semantic Web Company

With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, but operating globally, SWC has worked with over 200 commercial, government, and non-profit organizations to deliver AI and semantic search solutions, knowledge platforms, content hubs, and related data modeling and integration services. Semantic Web Company GmbH (SWC) is the leading provider of graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions. SWC has been named to KMWorld’s 2016 list of the ‘100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. 

SWC was named to KMWorld’s prestigious list of “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” from 2016 to 2021 and has been named multiple times in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions and as a Sample Vendor in their Hype Cycle for Natural Language Technologies.

About Simple[A]

[A] works with the leaders who own responsibility for some of the most valuable content assets in the world including Fortune 50 enterprises, knowledge-centric mid-market organizations, governments, associations, and other content-centric institutions. [A] improves content supply chains and practices to support intelligent experiences and helps market leaders deliver Intelligent Customer Experiences. Working with a mix of the largest enterprises and most innovative mid-market organizations, [A] covers the Strategy, Engineering, and Operations necessary to deliver next-generation Intelligent Customer Experiences. 

Visit Simple[A] :

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