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Celebrating PoolParty 2022

All you need to know about our latest software release: PoolParty 2022.

For the past year, the Semantic Web Company has been very busy with the latest release of the PoolParty Semantic Suite.

A release requires many stakeholders; passing through many  review cycles with various points of view that encompass the customer side, the development side, the marketing angle, the business value, and so on. We are proud to say that PoolParty 2022 Release 1 covers the topics that our users care most about.

We’ve compiled all the resources we have about the release on this page with the hopes that you’ll dive deeper into the benefits. Happy exploring!

First things first. Check out this blog written by our Technical Writer, Romana Lakomčíková for a comprehensive overview of all the main features.

PoolParty 2022 Release 1: With an Eye for Security, Scalability, and Speed

“We have rehauled the PoolParty authentication service and integrated Keycloak, a Swiss army knife of digital identity and access management. This integration brings you multiple features aimed at strengthening user account security and scalable user management that works for small projects as well as large knowledge graph initiatives.”

Next, check out our new developer blogs! Our team of developers worked extensively on this release, putting hours of research, planning, and programming into the features – without them, this release would be impossible. We decided to interview 3 of our developers to get their thoughts firsthand. 

Meet the Developers of PoolParty 2022: Armin Friedl

Armin Friedl is a Backend Engineer and Director of Product Development at Semantic Web Company. He worked extensively on the security features.

Meet the Developers of PoolParty 2022: Pablo Pacheco

Pablo Pacheco is a Frontend Web Developer and plays an integral role in ensuring the usability of the PoolParty interface.

Meet the Developers of PoolParty 2022: Konstantin Dzekov

Konstantin Dzekov is a Software Engineer for the backend and was a key figure in conceptualizing the release from the very beginning, and seeing it to its “finale.”

As a result of our strategic partnership with Oxford Semantic Technologies, PoolParty now has an integration with RDFox  – a high performance semantic reasoning engine. Now with the graph database integrated well within PoolParty, customers can build a better foundation for semantic search and recommender systems. We’ve written a blog together with Oxford Semantic Technologies to show you what’s in store for you.

Intelligent Search Results Humans Expect: A Recipe for Success with PoolParty Powered by RDFox

We've also been working on a ready-made integration: PoolParty for SharePoint.

It’s packed with features that enable automated concept tagging and faceted semantic search so that you can find your documents in SharePoint quicker than ever.

Want to see how you can enhance the capabilities of SharePoint with PoolParty? Check out our product page!

LDAP Integration

In a second iteration of PoolParty 2022, our developers also implemented LDAP support for authentication management. LDAP refers to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which helps users find data by storing it in a central directory. 

The integration with Keycloack and LDAP allows organizations to manage their users centrally and sync it with PoolParty, reducing the overhead of managing users separately in PoolParty. The implementation is flexible and allows the management of pure authentication (enable users to log-in to PoolParty) to also controlling authorization (user roles and groups) in LDAP.

Want to see the release in technical detail? Check out our PoolParty 2022 release notes and documentation. 

The PoolParty 2022 release is filled with features that aim towards providing better security, more usability, and tools that help users maintain and find their assets with ease.

To learn more about these capabilities and benefits, connect with a PoolParty expert!