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Press Release: The Joint Offer of WAND’s Taxonomies and PoolParty Taxonomy Management Accelerates Client Time to Delivery

March 17, 2022


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Vienna, Austria – 15 March, 2022 – Semantic Web Company announced a new partnership with WAND, Inc.. This perfect-fit partnership brings together a leading provider of various multilingual industry taxonomies with a world-class taxonomy and ontology semantic middleware.

The precision of WAND taxonomies (, combined with the customization and enrichment techniques of PoolParty Semantic Suite (, creates a robust pairing that is unique to the market. The joint offering bundles WAND’s ready-to-use taxonomies with powerful taxonomy management to help taxonomists and knowledge architects overcome the problem of cold-starting new taxonomy, ontology, and knowledge graph projects.

Florian Bauer, Chief Solutions Officer at Semantic Web Company, points to the win-win solutions which are possible now: “PoolParty opens up the use of WAND’s world-class domain taxonomies to jump-start enterprise search, text analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, and sentiment analysis. Based on a solid taxonomy, customers can invest more time and effort in customizing and thus fine-tuning their Knowledge Graph applications.”

“The combination of WAND Taxonomies and Semantic Web Company’s PoolParty Taxonomy Suite increases the accuracy of these applications and slashes time to value for customers.” Said Ross Leher, CEO at WAND, Inc. about the customer benefits that the partnership newly offers to the market. “With the new joint offer, “the barriers of creating a taxonomy from scratch — things which have previously caused significant delays to enterprise content management projects — have been eliminated.” 

The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • The ability to inform  A.I. Architects with a curated knowledge model
  • Faster time-to-delivery for projects
  • Ability to invest saved time and effort in quality
  • Applicability  to all domains of knowledge
  • Bundled pricing of WAND taxonomies and PoolParty license, offered at a special rate

About the Partnership

WAND, Inc. develops pre-built, curated taxonomies to improve the way our clients search and organize unstructured and semi-structured information. WAND is the premier source for industry vertical taxonomies, business taxonomies, and specialty domain taxonomies. The breadth and coverage of WAND’s taxonomy library is unmatched.

To learn more about Ross Leher or WAND, Inc. and Semantic Web Company’s partnership, or to schedule an interview with Ross Leher, please call +1 (303) 623-1200 or email You can also check out the WAND, Inc. website at:

The Semantic Web Company is the vendor of flagship product PoolParty Semantic Suite, the most complete and advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market.  For several years in succession, the company has been featured in Gartner publications as a “Sample Vendor” in the Gartner Hype Cycles and a “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for Metadata Solutions. Additionally, SWC is proud to be continuously named a “Company that matters in knowledge management” and a “Trailblazer” for semantic AI in KMWorld’s annual reports. With a customer base of Global 2000 companies, Semantic Web Company is dedicated to helping customers roll out their knowledge management and AI strategies within their organizations.

Semantic Web Company is headquartered in Vienna, Austria with branches in the UK, Germany, and USA.

To get in touch with Florian Bauer or learn more about Semantic Web Company’s partnership with WAND, Inc., schedule an interview, call +43 (1) 4021235, or email You can also check out the PoolParty website at:

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