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Ars Logica names Tridion Docs as chosen industry’s-leading CCMS System
Exciting news for RWS Tridion Docs ! Ars Logica, a high- touch vendor – neutral consulting firm recently released a ‘Compass Guide to Component Content Management Systems Q4 2021.This Compass Guide evaluates and ranks the 9 leading CCMS platforms on the market in categories of critical importance to business users.

Tridion Docs leads the industry in 

  • Workflow and approvals
  • Collaboration and information governance
  • Localization and translation management
  • Process efficiency and cost containment
  • Taxonomy and semantics
  • Development tools
  • Component lifecycle management
  • The strength of its technical ecosystem.
According to Ars Logica, Tridion Docs managed to outperform all other platforms and achieved the score (9,4 out of 10) which is the highest in the category Taxonomy & Semantics.

SWC’s PoolParty Auto classification, is part of Tridion Docs Semantic A.I and serves as an OEM integration with RWS’ Intelligent Content Platform. Text auto classification, the practice of automatically enriching text with active metadata.

This powerful collaboration allows Tridion users to manage their own taxonomies in Tridion’s “Taxonomy Space” using PoolParty’s Thesaurus Server, and enables automatic tagging based on well defined concepts for all content housed in Tridion.

Together, Tridion and PoolParty’s combined technologies provide one of the strongest, end- to- end customer management solutions on the market.

With a customer base of Global 2000 companies, Semantic Web Company is dedicated to helping customers roll out their knowledge management and AI strategies within their organizations.

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As a leading provider in graph-based metadata, search, and analytic solutions, Semantic Web Company helps Fortune 2000 customers manage corporate knowledge models, extract useful knowledge from big data sets and integrate both structured and unstructured data to recommend evolved strategies for organizing information at scale. Founded in 2004,  the Semantic Web Company is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite ( and was named since 2016 on KMWorld’s prestigious list of “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.”