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Connecting the Past, Present, and Future with Semantic A.I.

How historians and knowledge engineers are overcoming challenges with the help of Semantics


Lizzy Jongma, Senior Project Lead, Network for War Collections WWII

Joop Vanderheiden, Information & Business Systems Specialist, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Ioanna Lytra, Senior Data & Knowledge Engineer, Semantic Web Company


December 1, 2022




Past – Present – Future with Semantic A.I.

How can we utilize the power of technology to enable us to preserve historical data and connect vast amounts of content, people, and intent while helping us understand trends that might predict the future?

Strategic use of Well-Implemented Thesauri, Semantic Footprinting, and Concept-Based Tagging

This panel discussion is presented jointly with Lizzy Jongma, Joop Vanderheiden and Ioanna Lytra and takes a deep dive into the fascinating world of historical and archaeological documentation and explores the information sources and research methodologies available to those who are seeking to gain a richer understanding of Semantic A.I. and connect knowledge sources in a meaningful way.

Our panelist, Lizzy Jongma will discuss how setting up a comprehensive World War II thesaurus provided by PoolParty benefited her organization by giving meaning, matching objects and establishing a holistic framework for knowledge and information about the Second World War.

Next, Joop Vanderheiden presents a case study in which a solution for adding metadata to archaeological reports minimizes manual tagging effort, yet offers a rich search and discovery experience.

Finally, Ioanna Lytra will focus on PoolParty Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities, in particular, will explain the technologies behind automatic concept extraction and disambiguation, semantic classification, and context-based recommendations.

This panel discussion showcases the role that well-implemented thesauri, Semantic Footprinting and concept-based tagging including common and current challenges historians and knowledge engineers are facing along with various use case discussions.


Lizzy Jongma

Lizzy Jongma

Senior Project Lead, Network for War Collections WII

As a project manager, Lizzy works on digitization, opening up and linking data about the Second World War using new digital technologies. collects and connects over 15 million historical objects to describe and explain WW2, to recreate lives of victims and perpetrators and to show hidden gems from over 250 collections in The Netherlands and abroad. has won a Museums and the Web, Best of the Web Award (2020), 3 Dutch Interactive Awards (2022) and 4 LOVIE Awards (2022).

Photo Credit: Anne Reitsma Fotografie
Joop Vanderheiden

Joop Vanderheiden

Information & Business Systems Specialist, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Joop’s work lies at the intersection of thesauri, semantics, and linked data. Currently, Joop is mainly working on the RCE’s new linked data facility. ” The Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) advises and inspires in the preservation, sustainable development, and accessibility of the Netherlands’ most valuable heritage.” In the fields of monument conservation, archaeology, historical landscape, and museum collections, the RCE implements laws and regulations. The RCE is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science.

Ioanna Lytra

Ioanna Lytra

Senior Data & Knowledge Engineer, Semantic Web Company

Ioanna supports companies in setting up Enterprise Knowledge Graphs as well as leveraging them, in order to address challenges and provide solutions in data management and linking, semantic search, recommendation systems and question answering.

She holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Vienna.

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