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Making Content Intelligent

How Semantic Web Company and WAND Reduce Time to Value by up to 90%


Ross Leher, CEO, WAND Inc.

Florian Bauer, Chief Solutions Officer (CSO), Semantic Web Company


November 9, 2022 

Making Content Intelligent

Are you looking for new ways and the best tools to add value to your content and company? Have you come across buzzwords like intelligent document management or content life-cycle and understand the importance of setting up a dynamic informational architecture for your entire enterprise? Then look no further! 

Make Knowledge Management Efficient to Speed Up Content Production.

While many companies are struggling to keep up with the flux of digital processes and the move from a document-centric landscape to a data-led one, successful enterprises are focusing their attention and effort on solutions based on taxonomies. They can be powerful tools to unlock the value of your content and improve engagement and reach.

Efficient knowledge management can significantly speed up your content production cycle and improve content intelligence by removing duplication and enabling a unified view across your entire content estate.

In this webinar, we will explore how the combination of WAND curated taxonomies and Semantic Web Company’s taxonomy management system, knowledge graphs, tagging properties and semantic A.I. search increases the accuracy of these algorithms and reduces the time to value by up to 90% for knowledge management projects.

Tune in to get a comprehensive introduction to taxonomy-based knowledge and content management that guides you through the different stages of a document lifecycle.

Ross Leher

Ross Leher


CEO, WAND, Inc. Ross Leher is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of WAND, Inc. Mr. Leher, whose background includes international commerce, trade, and retailing, has a proven record of growing innovative businesses in highly competitive markets.

WAND has developed structured vocabularies with related tools and services to improve the performance of 140+ enterprise applications. WAND’s Taxonomy Library contains more than 100 domain specific taxonomies WAND data can be integrated into a wide variety of enterprise applications. Mr. Leher is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Economics.

Florian Bauer

Florian Bauer

Chief Solutions Officer (CSO), Semantic Web Company

Florian Bauer is Chief Solutions Officer at the Semantic Web Company (SWC) with the main focus to establish strategic alliances with key partners and create innovative solutions in the area of semantic technologies.

Before joining SWC in 2019 he was Managing Director of the Impact Hub Vienna and COO & Deputy Director General for an international multilateral partnership (the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership) that works to accelerate market-based deployment of renewable energy and energy efficient systems in developing countries. Florian obtained a Master Degree in IT-Management and a Bachelor Degree in Software Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology.

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