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Tridion Success Summit

Join Gordon Hayden, Associate Director of Solutions and Strategic Alliances at Semantic Web Company, for the Tridion Success Summit on May 18, 2022. Learn about the role PoolParty's semantic AI plays in Tridion, RWS's intelligent content management solution.

Webinar: Taxonomies Made Simple

Learn in the "Taxonomies Made Simple" webinar how PoolParty and WAND Accelerate your Content Management Project from Months to Weeks.

Data Day Texas 2022

Join Heather Hedden, Semantic Web Company Data and Knowledge Engineer, for Data Day Texas on June 13, 2022. Learn about taxonomies for data scientists and the future of taxonomies.

Knowledge Management Reborn

Join Andreas Blumauer, CEO and Founder of Semantic Web Company, at the Knowledge Management Reborn Conference taking place online June 15-16, 2022. Learn about knowledge graph-based enterprise knowledge hubs from our CEO.

Special Libraries Association – Annual Conference 2022

Join Heather Hedden, Data and Knowledge Engineer at Semantic Web Company, in her multiple sessions at the SLA Annual Conference 2022. The first workshop takes place online on Thursday, July 14, from 2:00 p.m. m. to 4:30 p.m. m. EDT. The last session is on Tuesday, August 2, 9:00 – 10:00 am EDT, at the Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte, NC (and online). Do not miss it!

Webinar: Knowledge Based Recommender Systems

In this on-demand webinar we will explain the methodology for knowledge-based recommendations and show how we can apply taxonomies, ontologies and rules to provide recommendations with different levels of expressivity.

SEMANTiCS Vienna 2022

Meet our team of experts at Semantics Vienna 2022. Visit the PoolParty booth and be sure to check out our workshops and talks!

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