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Webinar: ESG Strategies with Semantic AI


In this webinar, we introduce the ESG topic complex and we show that the use of a comprehensive ESG knowledge model can support the implementation of ESG strategies

Responsible Business Europe 2023


The PoolParty Team is passionate about Environmental - Social - Governance (ESG) and how technology can help organizations towards more sustainable businesses. To gather more insights about this topic, we'll be attending the Reuters' Responsible Business Europe 2023.

Webinar: Bringing Together Taxonomies and Terminologies


Taxonomies and terminologies can be seen as different sides of the same coin. However, the focus is quite different. Taxonomies make linguistic data available for machines and humans to distill knowledge and often to manage chaos. Terminologies harmonize language, make sure everyone uses consistent and correct words, and try to avoid chaos from the outset.

PoolParty for SharePoint: The Release Show


Tune in for a lively Q&A with Product Owner, Helmut Nagy, and Product Manager, Alexi Lopez-Lorca, who will speak to the merits of the PoolParty for SharePoint solution - their experiences with working on it, our recent presence at a Microsoft conference, and other exciting topics.

SEMANTiCS Leipzig 2023


We are proud to sponsor the 19th International Conference on Semantic Systems: SEMANTiCS 2023. Same as every year, be prepared to visit us at the PoolParty booth and participate in the many talks that our experts will be holding.

LavaCon Content Strategy Conference

Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego CA

LavaCon 2023 is the 21st annual conference on content strategy. Content professionals network with peers and choose from over 70 sessions and hands-on workshops on content strategy, user experience, ChatGPT, AI, Machine Learning, and more. Meet Semantic Web Company's Knowledge Manager Heather Hedden and listen to her talk co-presented with a PoolParty project customer, Google, "Leveraging Semantics to Provide Targeted Training Content: A Case Study"

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