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The Connected Customer killed Marketing.

E-Commerce platform providers have an amazing advantage: they realized the benefits of the Semantic Web first and adopt its methods and technologies fast. Benefit from existing blueprints and best practices in search engine and user experience optimization.

Why you need semantic technologies

Building and developing a reliable recommendation engine requires a professional and highly dedicated content management. PoolParty equips you with all necessary tools, so that your organization can provide superior content personalization.

Start with metadata management

The foundation for a more dynamic content delivery is professional metadata management. With PoolParty, you can semi-automatically enrich your digital assets with metadata that is derived from ontologies like
Tag your content

Personalized customer experiences

Provide users with valuable information and you will turn them faster into customers. Based on a robust metadata foundation, you can link your content. Content personalization relies on knowledge graphs that add semantic networks to the content repository.
Build your knowledge graph

SEO for professionals

Ontologies as perfectly harmonize with SEO efforts. Sales items can be automatically enriched with available rich snippets. You profit from existing content that adds information value to your potential customers and search engine algorithms.

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Your benefits

  • With PoolParty you adapt available industry knowledge models to your information architecture.
  •  By using the industry ontology, you boost your content intelligence across multiple internal and external channels.
  •  Content creation and management becomes more automatised and efficient.
  • Content personalization based on knowledge graphs becomes more precise and increases valuable web traffic and customer retention.
  •  Adapting your information architecture to semantic W3C standards makes it future-proof.

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