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Enterprise Data Integration

With PoolParty Semantic Integrator you can link and integrate your heterogeneous data landscape in an agile way. Create scalable and robust knowledge graphs. Your business can now flexibly combine and access data as your actual operational needs require.

PoolParty lets you decide which data repositories you want to consolidate into a linked data warehouse. You can gradually extend the data volume you want to semantically integrate.

How it Works:

  • You transform the different data formats into the standards-based format RDF (Resource Description Framework).
  • The PoolParty module ‘text mining and entity extraction’ analyzes unstructured data. Information entities get attached with metadata and linked to each other. A semantic information layer evolves that is essential for sophisticated data analytics.
  • Data repositories are matched against an underlying knowledge graph. Synonyms are automatically recognized, so entity resolution and mappings significantly improve the data integration quality.
  • When data is consolidated, it can then be processed and analyzed in different ways. For instance, it can be queried and extended by SPARQL. You can choose between PoolParty data analytics front-end applications or other market leading data processing tools as provided by Tableau.
PoolParty Semantic architecture schema

Your Benefits

  •  The standards-based data formats and technologies prevent vendor lock-in. This means that your data integration activities are future-proof.
  • The semantic data integration approach substantially increases your data quality and expressiveness.
  •  The graph-based data model supports you with your data integration efforts in a most agile way.

We Provide You with Enterprise-ready Graph Databases from Our Partner Vendors

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