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Merging Knowledge Engineering with Cognitive Computing

Building cognitive solutions requires new ways of technology management on the front and back ends. Working with a complete semantic technology suite simplifies the transition to a smart application environment. Instead of working with smart “black boxes”, start shaping and expanding your cognitive solutions transparently yourself.

Semantic AI Fusing Machine Learning with Semantics

Your Challenge

You want to build a cognitive solution for the first time or  have already gained some experience, but you are overburdened by the technology choices and complexity.
The smart application prototype shall kick-off a larger cognitive solution strategy in your organisation.
It is essential for your organization that subject matter experts will be able to steer the cognitive applications independently from your IT department and data scientists.

Our Solution

We guide you step-by-step towards your first cognitive application by providing the methodology, technology and intense knowledge transfer.
Cognitive solutions build with PoolParty are expandable. With your first prototype you are building the solid foundation of a semantically enabled information management architecture.

In PoolParty the Artificial Intelligence of smart applications is generated by knowledge graphs. Subject matter experts can build and develop knowledge models already after 3 hours of online training.

Cognitive Applications Built With PoolParty

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Intelligent Helpdesk

Your Q & A Machine
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Smart Chatbots

Your Intelligent Assistant
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Recommender Engines

Read about the Wine & Cheese Recommender Use Case

Your Benefits

  •  Semantic technologies have knowledge graphs at the core of their solution approach that resemble the human brain’s architecture. Subject matter experts can steer cognitive applications by managing the knowledge graph. 
  • Working with semantic technologies is a qualitatively driven way to enhance smart applications. Knowledge graphs make text processing transparent.
  • PoolParty includes complementary modules for semantic data integration and knowledge engineering, as well as a toolkit for setting up cognitive end-user applications.
  • Users can license individual modules and extend their usage based on need.

Enhance Your Machine-Learning Algorithms with Semantic Technologies

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