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PoolParty Blog

News from the world of graphs, semantics, and Semantic AI

December 20, 2021

What if you could search the web to help reforestation? Read about Ecosia, the climate tech organization behind the search engine that plants trees.

November 30, 2021

RWS’ Tridion has a semantic AI integration with PoolParty PowerTagging to give customers user-centric search and organized content spaces. Read about the integration here!

November 16, 2021

The PoolParty Summit 2021 had over 20 talks and presentations. Read 10 memorable quotes from our speakers here!

November 11, 2021

The PoolParty Summit 2021 was a semantic web conference that showcased different success stories and technical presentations. Read about them in detail here!

November 5, 2021

With over 800 registrants and 4.48 satisfaction score, the PoolParty Summit 2021 was a great success. Read a short snippet here!

October 19, 2021

In this blog post we presented a practical use case where we solve a data consistency problem in ETL processing by an integration of PoolParty Semantic Suite and the RDFox database. RDFox provides high performance data processing accessible via SPARQL and SHACL standards and implements an RDF-based Datalog engine that can be used for in-store deductions. This integration architecture enables …

September 22, 2021

Semantic Web Company was happy to participate in the first hybrid version of the SEMANTiCS 2021 Conference. Read about the details here!

July 13, 2021

The PoolParty Semantic Suite is labelled a “one-stop-shop” by data science influencer Ashleigh Faith. Watch the Knowledge Graph Technology Showcase on YouTube here!

July 5, 2021

By now Semantic Web Company’s Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) has been certified according to the standard ISO 27001:2013 for the third year in a row. At the core is an annual check where all critical factors of the certifications are re-assessed by CIS – Certification & Information Security Services GmbH. This ensures a continuously high level of security for …

June 22, 2021

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