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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Attend the PoolParty Summit 2024

March 18, 2024

Michael Sikic

Michael Sikic

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Semantic Web Company (SWC) is happy to announce the third edition of the PoolParty Summit!

Taking place this year on March 19-21, the PoolParty Summit 2024 will span three days of virtual talks, presentations, demos, and the like. 

Keeping up with today’s pressing topics, the summit will explore how PoolParty users are adapting to the rapidly changing demands of digitalization with GenAI and Semantic Technologies.

The PoolParty Summit 2024 will have presentations and roundtables on three main themes: 

Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) took 2023 by storm. Despite their popularity, many worry about the risks they pose. This PoolParty Summit offers up another alternative called Explainable AI, which combines the strengths of LLMs with the trustworthiness of Semantic AI.


The PoolParty team is keeping a watchful eye on Environmental – Social – Governance (ESG) and we’re using the Summit to spread the word on it. We’ll have presentations and panels that answer some of these key questions: Which ESG regulations are expected of companies in the coming years? How can Semantic AI help overcome the challenges to roll out a successful corporate strategy?

Tech Deep Dive

Of course, we can’t forget the tech. Get a glimpse into PoolParty capabilities, features, and integrations with partners. Some highlights at the PoolParty Summit 2024 will be the Recommender Workbench: our solution for building knowledge-based recommender systems; a frontend application for semantic search; and an ESG knowledge model.
The PoolParty Summit has a stacked roster of speakers from Oxford University Press, Takeda, CABI, and more. With over 20 talks prepared, there is surely something for everyone at the PoolParty Summit 2024. Check out the full lineup of speakers and sessions below or at our registration page


Join us at the PoolParty Summit 2024!

On March 19-21st we’ll be hosting the third annual PoolParty Summit. Register for your free spot to see how you can unlock the potential of LLMs with knowledge graphs + other fun topics!

A colorful roster of companies and speakers. 

Whether through solo sessions or roundtable discussions, we have over 30 speakers scheduled for the PoolParty Summit 2024. 

Big names like Walmart, Takeda, Healthdirect Australia, and more. We have speakers from the DITA Strategies Inc., Franz Inc., and Avalara Inc.. All of which are customers of PoolParty and are using the software quite extensively to help remedy their problems associated with knowledge management. 

It’s important to note that our speakers come from different industries and backgrounds, so there’s something to take away from everyone. 

We are also proud to have many of our partners being represented at the Summit. Our partners will speak to the merits of their products and services, and the added value of working together with PoolParty to create joint offerings. Attendees can stay tuned for demos on these joint solutions and more. 

Of course, we have various talks coming from our internal team.

CEO and Co-Founder Andreas Blumauer will open the PoolParty Summit 2024 with a presentation that foreshadows the inspiring talks to come, and highlights the major themes of the summit: Unlocking the Potential of LLMs with Knowledge Graphs.
Chief Customer Officer Sebastian Gabler and Director of Software Engineering Armin Friedl will present a deep dive into the features of our most recent software release: PoolParty Release 3 2022.
Our Associate Director of Professional Services Alexi Lopez-Lorca will team up with our Data Analytics and Data Science Consultant Fredrick Bednar from our partner EBCONT to deliver an exciting update and interactive demo of PoolParty for SharePoint.
Associate Director of Sales Daniel Gallar and ESG Solutions Engineer Lorenzo Tosi will highlight recommendations to create sustainable enterprises with tools such as PoolParty Recommender and PoolParty Recommender Workbench.
COO and Strategic Product Manager Helmut Nagy, Product Owner Christian Blaschke, and CTO Tomas Knap will have the honour of closing the PoolParty Summit 2024 with glimpse into the PoolParty roadmap for the year ahead.

A jam-packed agenda.

Our speakers are bringing an incredible agenda that covers a wide variety of topics. While these sessions all fall within the main talking points of the summit, they all touch on different aspects of the PoolParty experience. 

Some speakers will talk about how they’ve used taxonomies to build systems that help them work more effectively, others will tell you how they have used knowledge graphs to help in product and content supply chains, others will give you demos of technical features and how-to’s. 

We look forward to each of our talks, but here are some titles to inspire you: 

  • “If we can SPARQL he may land tonight” – a Customer Success Story (CABI)
  • Challenges in Creating Taxonmies for Learning & Development (Walmart/EK)
  • Enhancing an Insight Engine with Graph Technology: A Deep Dive into Next-Level Data Insights (Squirro)
  • Taxonomy Classification Service: Automated Content Enrichment (Oxford University Press)
  • 10 years! The Healthdirect-PoolParty Journey – from content discoverability to Semantic AI (Healthdirect Australia)
  • Property Modelling for Product Ontology using Vector Embeddings driven by LLMs and OCR (PANTOPIX)
  • How do different Graph RAG implementations for Knowledge Discovery compare? (Ontotext)

Aside from these sessions, there’s more to offer, and plenty for everyone.

Themes that resonate.

We have already alluded to the PoolParty Summit 2024 being driven by major themes – or tracks – that the general online community is paying attention most to.  

In preparing for the summit, our research pointed towards what Gartner calls “turbulent times”  –  in other words, all the shifts society has had to make in the face of the pandemic, wars, recessions, and so on.   

Industry leaders are forecasting that tech, and specifically AI, will be one of the major factors that allow organizations to move on past their hurdles and ensure they can keep winning successes despite it all. 

But is AI all that it’s cracked up to be? This is a common question we’ve been hearing over the past few months after we’ve seen the hallucincatiosn or  “flops” of GenAI applications – where the output generated fell short of the result expected. How can we ensure quality in AI?

The essence of the PoolParty user experience lies in “AI You Trust” – eliminating any doubts about the AI support you receive, ensuring quality, consistency, and traceability. Explore the summit sessions unveiling how GenAI, powered by Knowledge Graphs, is the cornerstone of establishing “AI You Trust”.

100% Free.

All of this comes at no cost to you. The PoolParty Summit 2024 is completely free, and only requires a simple registration in the online event tool. You can enjoy 20 different talks from over 30 speakers without paying a cent. 

Not only will you hear insightful stories from industry leaders and technology experts, you will also learn more about the technological capabilities of Semantic AI. If you are not so familiar with semantic technologies but want to dive deeper into the subject, this is the perfect opportunity to get a free crash course from the people who use it.

Online and on-demand.

The PoolParty Summit 2024 is fully online so you can join from anywhere in the world. This year we’ve extended the summit to three days to cater to the European and North American time zones on the first two days and the European and APAC time zones on the third and final day.

Can’t make a session? Not a problem, register and you’ll be on the list to get notified when all the sessions are online to watch on-demand for your viewing pleasure.

We trust that these compelling reasons have inspired you to register and share in our excitement for the upcoming PoolParty Summit 2024, promising to surpass the success of last year’s summit.

In short, the upcoming PoolParty Summit 2024, now in its third edition, is a vibrant celebration of all things PoolParty. Tailored for PoolParty users, partners, and the broader semantic web community, this event offers a firsthand look at how semantic technologies are effectively utilized in practical scenarios by industry experts and software enthusiasts alike.

Don’t pass up this incredible chance to connect with fellow enthusiasts in the realm of Semantic AI, where you’ll be captivated by impactful narratives from users who have experienced the wonders of PoolParty. The PoolParty Summit 2024 promises something special for every attendee, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all.

For all the essential details about the exciting PoolParty Summit 2024, make sure to visit our registration page.

Get inspired for the PoolParty Summit 2024 by viewing last years talks on demand.
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