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Semantic Web Starter Kit

Kick-off a sustainable technology initiative.

The Semantic Web Starter Kit is based on a well thought through project methodology. It is derived from over 10 years experience in project execution in this emerging technology field.

Infographic Semantic Web Starter Kit

Your challenge

  • You are aware that semantic technologies will solve substantial business challenges, but you don’t know where and how to start.
  • To succeed with a semantic technology initiative you have to involve various stakeholders, which have different priorities and communication styles.
  • Former innovation projects at your company didn’t take-off afterwards.

The solution

  • In a customized workshop setting, we will define with your stakeholders a business and technology landscape that will indicate missing links.
  • Together, we will prioritize your strategic needs at the intersection of business an IT and build a prototype that can be extended after the project ends.
  • Your technology practitioners and subject matter experts get online educational resources, which will enable your organization to progress independently in the long-term.

The result

  • A functional prototype that can be used as a live system for a clear outlined problem or subset of it.
  • With your own prototype you can showcase semantic solutions in your organization and build awareness for this technology approach.
  • A precise estimation of cost & project complexity for further roll-out.
  • The project group has a common understanding how semantic technologies work.

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