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PoolParty Thesaurus Server

Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management.
Create, maintain and benefit from Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Precise and efficient.

Enterprise Taxonomy and Ontology Management

  • Efficient working environment: Benefit from intuitively usable interfaces that ensures faster training times
  • Integrated quality management: Your taxonomies stay consistent and valid, at any time
  • Just open your browser and log in: No need to install or roll out any additional client software
  • Based on standards: Your taxonomies will be future-proof by using the SKOS standard
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From Taxonomies to Knowledge Graphs

  • Enterprise knowledge graphs: Rely on PoolParty’s secure server backend
  • Extend your taxonomies: Use ontologies like and custom schemes to extend your taxonomy
  • Fully-fledged linked data management: Enrich your own graphs with linked data from DBpedia, Geonames, etc.
  • Lightning-fast graph database: PoolParty is natively built on RDF graphs. No mappings, no conversions, NoSQL.
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Most Advanced Feature Set

  • Text corpus analysis: Analyze your content and extend your taxonomies semi-automatically
  • Workflow management: Create and maintain your taxonomies in a collaborative manner
  • History & audit trail: Every step taken can be tracked and is traceable
  • Visualization: Generate new views on your knowledge graphs and learn from them
  • Linked data harvesting: Create SKOS taxonomies on the fly, crawl DBpedia to generate rich seed taxonomies
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Reuse and integrate

  • Versatile API: Build your own smart applications on top of PoolParty Thesaurus Server
  • Linked data frontend: Make all your taxonomies and ontologies accessible by using linked data principles
  • SPARQL endpoint: Make use of a powerful query language based on W3C standards
  • Excel import & export: Reuse taxonomies you’ve created in Excel
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