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PoolParty GraphSearch

Get relevant results in less time with a scalable semantic search application. 

Trigger a full-text search query and narrow down the results using search facets. 

Click on a result to get its description, connected concepts, further reading material, and content recommendations. 

Easily adjust the settings of GraphSearch based on projects, charts, mappings, and rule sets.

PoolParty GraphSearch is a frontend application that optimizes an organization’s ability to find and access information through its semantic search capabilities. Powered by Semantic AI, GraphSearch detects the contextual meaning behind a search query to generate more precise results in a fraction of the time. 

The application is highly configurable, allowing the user to display information according to their specific needs. With PoolParty GraphSearch, users can benefit from full-text search that understands the user’s natural language, faceted search that helps to narrow down results, and visual analytics of the document library that the platform draws upon.

PoolParty is prized for its ability to integrate with customer applications. Connect GraphSearch to your CMS and existing projects to find documents with ease. 

SoftwareReviews is a research service that collects unbiased reviews of software vendors capabilities and measures them across companies in the industry. In this report, PoolParty received 80% scores or higher in Automation of Metadata, APIs, and Integration capabilities.

Experience advanced semantic search in a user-friendly graphical interface

Combine the power of graph databases and SPARQL engines

Automatically index linked RSS feeds with Solr or Elasticsearch

Get intelligent content recommendations based on sophisticated content pairings

Transform and harmonize documents/data into RDF using PoolParty Unified Views so that it can be ready for the GraphSearch application 

Filter and narrow down search queries with facets that are based on a taxonomy

Gain additional insights of your library with charts that visualize your results and associated tags

Easily configure your search space. 

PoolParty GraphSearch is easy to use as a frontend application, but just as easy to configure in the backend. A system administrator or user with editing permissions can turn features on/off with a simple click, and decide which PoolParty projects they want the search application to draw from.

Choose the PoolParty thesauri and Unified Views repositories you want to run the search space on – you can draw from multiple projects at once

Connect the search space to your CMS or external databases such as GraphDB

Define the number of facets you wish to use and their labels (prefLabel, altLabel, concept scheme, etc.)

Create mappings to define which attributes should be displayed in the description of the results (definition, schema, etc.)

Set languages for multilingual search
Create a knowledge-based recommender using a SPARQL query to get recommendations that go beyond just a similarity of articles

Other features you’ll love about the GraphSearch interface:


See Document Details

By clicking on a result, you can view the document title, summary, associated concept tags, similar articles, and suggested content recommendations.

Customized Views

Change the display settings of the results to image thumbnails, document names, or a detailed list. You can also move and resize the widgets (results + charts) in your search space.

Export Results

The list of results can be exported and downloaded as an Excel file.


Generate Charts

Get statistical charts (pie/bar) to see the frequency of tags and their related terms. 


Get started with the Search Bundle.

The Search Bundle provides a robust search solution that draws upon automatic text analysis and consistent tagging capabilities.

This bundle gives you access to the PoolParty Taxonomy Manager + Ontology Management, the PoolParty Extractor, and the GraphSearch API.

Learn more about PoolParty GraphSearch! Chat with an expert to discuss use cases and see a demo of the tool.