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Save Costs with Professional Information Management

Data-based decision making is a must in an interconnected and globalized world. NGOs, NPOs and international organisations strongly profit by enforcing data-driven cooperation within their digital ecosystem.

Why PoolParty Will Boost Your Analytical Competence:

The PoolParty Semantic technology suite enables you to address manifold data analytics challenges at your pace.
Choose the technology components you need and extend the semantic solution approach gradually.
Build on your existing IT-infrastructure and use your data fast, reliably and flexibly.

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Profit from Available Open Data

PoolParty lets you integrate Open Data into your systems. That way we transform structured and unstructured data into machine-readable formats and equip you with flexible analytical tools.
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Increase Relevancy by Smart Data Services

Position yourself as central data hub service. PoolParty lets you bundle Open Data sources and build smart analytic functions on top of your data repositories.

Your Benefits

  • Embrace the opportunities of Linked Open Data: establish a data-driven organization that provides value to a whole ecosystem.
  • You benefit from image and information advantages as you position yourself as data and knowledge hub.
  • We are acquainted with your processes and adapt to it. We enjoy connecting individuals and organizations who face similar technological challenges and contribute to valuable synergies.
  • PoolParty perfectly integrates with Open Source Systems such as Drupal.
  • The PoolParty technology is W3C standard-based and future-proof.

Our Customers Benefit from Semantics:

Selected Customer References

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