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The webinar is over: Watch the recorded screencast to get more information about PoolParty´s text mining and linked data integration features.

Text Mining is often mentioned as a key technology for advanced enterprise information management. Most approaches promise to work “automatically” without any extra workload – but finally they deliver disappointing results in terms of low precision.

With PoolParty text mining becomes more precise because of its underlying knowledge models which are built around semantic web and linked data technologies.

Also Integrating data from different sources, containing unstructured information as well as semi-structured data, becomes more efficient in agile environments by using linked data technologies. With PoolParty semantic search over integrated views can be realised based on enterprise-ready technologies.

This live-webinar (45 minutes) will give you an overview over PoolParty´s thesaurus based semantic search and its underlying base technologies, namely text mining and linked data. The webinar will be a live-demo session – so if you have questions around these hot topics – our “webinarists” will be happy to answer them.