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PoolParty plugin makes WordPress blogs & websites more understandable. Blogs will benefit from linking posts with key terms automatically. The plugin uses SKOS vocabularies and improves SEO Smart Linking.

In a recent video Matt Cutts from Google announced that smart internal linking is one of the key strategies for SEO in 2011. So PoolParty Team has released a freely available plugin for WordPress (download plugin) which consumes linked data and offers features for any WordPress driven blog or website making it more understandable and helping to improve interlinking articles. The website will be improved by linking posts with key terms and key terms with other key terms. The plugin imports a controlled vocabulary (SKOS thesaurus) or retrieves a thesaurus from a (public) SPARQL endpoint via web. Based on the thesaurus, terms in articles are high-lighted automatically, definitions are provided “inline” (as mouse-over effect) and links to the thesaurus terms are generated on-the-fly. The thesaurus is available as an extra resource on the blog and can be navigated to learn more about the knowledge domain instantly. The plugin also works with multilingual blogs. DBpedia (Linked data) is used to retrieve definitions automatically whenever the imported thesaurus lacks of definitions.

It´s that easy to consume linked data to enrich your WordPress blog:

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Import your SKOS thesaurus or point to a public SPARQL endpoint where you want to retrieve the thesaurus from (example: Social Semantic Web thesaurus).
  3. Languages in the thesaurus will be detected automatically
  4. Definitions, if missing in your thesaurus, will be retrieved automatically from DBpedia (if resources are mapped via linked data mechanisms before)
  5. Customize the design of your automatically browsable thesaurus if needed

These steps will result into a more interlinked weblog, which will also be rewarded by search engines like Google regarding SEO. Take a look at two examples of weblogs which make use of the PoolParty thesaurus plugin:

Reegle Blog using the Reegle thesaurus for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency + Climate Change)
PoolParty website using the Social Semantic Web thesurus

Download plugin!