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The Knowledge Graph Cookbook will be launched during the next SEMANTiCS conference, which will take place from 21 – 23 April in Austin, Texas. The book explains why organizations need a knowledge graph and the best ways to build one.

The story behind the book

The idea to write this book came to life when its authors, Andreas Blumauer and Helmut Nagy, had dinner at one of the finest restaurants in Vienna’s first district, a place that offers exquisite Viennese cuisine.

That night the authors had the chance to talk to the chef, who explained to them that the secret behind his dishes lies not only in the choice of ingredients but also in their preparation to get the highest value and taste out of it. In other words, the chef’s success comes from the special attention he pays to where the ingredients come from, how to store them, in which order to start cooking them, for how long, with which cooking tools and especially the passionate dedication of the team while cooking it.

Inspired by this wonderful conversation, Andreas and Helmut agreed that a knowledge graph should be created in a similar way. The idea of a cookbook was born: to create a step-by-step explanation that carefully outlines different recipes of knowledge graph creation and is suited for both beginners and experts. The Knowledge Graph Cookbook encompasses more than 20 years of experience both authors have in the field of semantic web technologies for business use cases.

Key takeaways of the Cookbook

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook

In each chapter of the knowledge graph cookbook, you will learn about the main applications of knowledge graphs, how they can help different people in an organization, how to build a knowledge graph that works and the technologies you need to put in place. The book also includes the voices of other experts in the field of semantic technologies and their opinion about the future of knowledge graphs.

The adoption of knowledge graphs will keep growing in the foreseeable future. As organizations produce ever-larger amounts of data, the resulting data silos generate inefficiencies and additional costs that arise along the entire data lifecycle.

The Knowledge Graph Cookbook will be a valuable resource for practitioners and decision-makers to take advantage of the many benefits of the technology, in particular, the positive impact it has on the implementation of AI strategies, an approach we call Semantic AI.