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Semantic Web Company is Featured as Sample Vendor in Gartner Hype Cycles 2023

August 4, 2023


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Semantic Web Company (SWC) was proud to be included in recent publications of various Gartner Hype Cycles 2023. PoolParty was noted for its technical capabilities as well as its compatibility and competencies to support specific industries. 

In July and August alone, SWC was featured in the following Hype Cycle reports:

The reports summarize the data fabric’s ability to “leverage concepts and existing platforms/tools or implementation approaches” while simultaneously connecting data silos and improving data management processes. Especially for data-intensive industries like healthcare and finance, the data fabric makes a significant difference by automating tasks in a flexible environment. 

On the heels of our company ESG (Environmental – Social – Governance) initiatives, SWC is happy to see that our software is helpful to industries in the health and public sectors, whose mission it is to improve human welfare. In the ESG space, finance is a particularly important topic and SWC is actively working on products that will help financial leaders and investors mitigate financial risks (in other words, guide them towards sustainable finance). More can be read here about Semantic Web Company’s ESG activities.

Additionally, PoolParty was noted as a Semantic-AI-oriented vendor in the report, Adopt a Data Semantics Approach to Drive Business Value (July 2023). The report highlights the importance of implementing semantic technologies in order to overcome limitations and create a competitive business strategy.

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