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Professional digital publishing and beyond.

Rethinking ways how information can be monetized.

Personalized user experiences that are built on relevant,
high-quality content recommendations attract and retain readers.
But leaders struggle to decide on the right technological initiatives
as they usually lack the know-how. Trust in your experts!
Let them help you to build a state-of-the-art content platform for you.

Why you need a knowledge graph

The core engine of any powerful content architecture is constituted by a domain-specific knowledge graph.
PoolParty structures, categorizes, links and analyzes your content assets highly automated.

Your solution for content personalization

With PoolParty, your content is automatically tagged with metadata in a consistent way. Through a growing interlinked information network, the software recognizes context and matches content with it. Content recommendations become truly valuable to your users!

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Good search results streamline internal processes

By enriching your content with metadata, you also improve your internal workflows. Search queries for existing content provide explicit and implicit results which saves your users much-needed time. Reusing content is a strategic tool and an effective approach for cost savings.

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Generate insights fast and flexible

The PoolParty Suite includes modules to analyze and link structured and unstructured data. Collect information on product usage, create sophisticated customer profiles and experiment with the data. PoolParty transforms Big Data into insights.

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Your benefits

  • The PoolParty Semantic Technology Suite is a pragmatic solution for digital transformation challenges. Experts can easily start to work with the PoolParty tools.
  •  With PoolParty you gradually develop your metadata landscape: Start with simple taxonomies, progress to ontologies and finally succeed with a full-blown knowledge graph.
  • PoolParty is made for structured and unstructured data.
  • The software enables you to exchange content with third-party providers and create new information services.
  •  The technology is based on standards defined by the W3C consortium. You don`t become dependent on us as a vendor.

Our customers are one step ahead with semantic technology solutions