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Leveraging Knowledge Graphs in your Enterprise Knowledge Management System

Recorded Webinar

Today, data is key to everything. Enterprises are struggling with cataloging, analyzing and extracting needed information from their own antiquated knowledge and data management systems. As Gartner highlighted in their latest Hype Cycle for Artificial Intelligence (2018):

“The rising role of content and context for delivering insights with AI technologies, as well as recent knowledge graph offerings for AI applications have pulled knowledge graphs to the surface.”

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps enterprises break down data silos by assisting in the building and managing of knowledge graphs as a basis for various AI applications. Watch this on-demand webinar about leveraging Knowledge Graphs in your knowledge management system to learn more about:

What is a Knowledge Graph?

“It’s all about things, not strings: A Knowledge Graph represents a knowledge domain. It connects things of different types in a systematic way. Knowledge graphs encode knowledge arranged in a network of nodes and links rather than tables of rows and columns. By that, people and machines can benefit from a dynamically growing semantic network of facts about things and can use it for data integration, knowledge discovery, and in-depth analyses.”

Andreas Blumauer

CEO and Founder, Semantic Web Company

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