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Less Bureaucracy – Focus on the Essentials!

Government organizations have become more accountable. Developing towards a service-oriented, transparent and agile organization calls for a substantial modernization of information management. Yet, changing established systems can be risky.

Get inspired by our Use Cases!

Have a look what banking institutions and insurance companies already have achieved and add to their business success with Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Read the use cases here and get in touch with our industry experts for more information.

Align departments and processes

Governmental organizations have highly specialized departments which need to cooperate. Implement semantic search and collaboration portals. Make document sharing and finding more efficient. Enable collaboration based on controlled vocabularies.

Be data-driven

Use semantic technologies to improve data analytics, understand the context of data and keep up with constituents’ expectations.

Benefit from the digital transformation

Connect different databases, automate processes, become more data-driven and citizen-focused with help from knowledge graphs.

Improve digital experiences

Improve metadata management and document tagging to improve search results and deliver the content that users are searching for.

Improve service delivery

Transform government services. Personalize digital experiences with recommender systems or self-services built using a knowledge graph.

Increase transparency

Build an enterprise knowledge graph with controlled vocabularies to connect data in a meaningful way and make it available to the public. Make use of linked open data principles.

Smart Data Catalog

Develop your Smart Data Catalog (aka ‘Data Fabric’) and combine the respective advantages of Data Lakes and Data Warehouses. Complement them with the advanced linking and analytics methods provided by Semantic Graph Technologies.

Your advantages:

  • PoolParty semantic technology suite provides smart solutions to connect data sources without the hurdles of data migration. Departments such as Fraud Detection and Credit Risk Management become more effective.
  • By implementing PoolParty middleware, you transform your existing software solutions. Thus your CRM becomes even faster!
  • Semantic technologies create and analyze customer and market information on a granular level that generates relevant insights for your consulting and sales approaches.
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Break Down Data Silos

Develop taxonomies and ontologies that model highly specialized knowledge domains. This is the basis for comprehensive information services for experts and non-experts alike.
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Align Departments

Government organizations have highly specialized departments which need to cooperate. Implement semantic search portals. Make document sharing and finding more efficient.
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Benefit from Open Data

The Open Data Movement is unstoppable. Transform different data sources into standards-based data-sets and make them publicly available. Import and exchange heterogenous data-sets.

Our Customers Modernized with Semantic Technology Solutions

Selected customer references:

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