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As government agencies across the world adapt to changing norms, crises, policies, etc., so too should their information management systems. Keeping up with current events requires a substantial modernization of their data platforms, which enable transparency and agility.  

PoolParty Semantic Suite helps government agencies turn the surplus of cluttered data they receive into valuable information. Use PoolParty to make informed decisions, deliver quality services to constituents, and ultimately improve the quality of life for all.

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Entity extraction tools allow agencies to pull out useful information from text-heavy documents that make up the bulk of government data. Quickly uncover crucial facts of a text to determine how to proceed with threats, crises, and legislation.


Promptly analyze citizens’ concerns and emergencies to deliver effective and timely policy. Use graph-based text mining to visualize citizen data and recognize the patterns that are necessary to simulate potential solutions or design legislation. 


In today’s society, where public opinion is scattered across traditional and digital platforms, the most efficient way to gauge the public is by performing sentiment analysis. Use Natural Language Processing to measure the public’s satisfaction rates with government policy and initiatives.


Personalize digital experiences with recommendation systems or self-services using a knowledge graph. Classify constituents into demographic and/or location-based profiles to give them tailored outreach and services.

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Build an enterprise knowledge graph with controlled vocabularies to connect data in a meaningful way and make it available to the public. Make use of linked open data principles.

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As government agencies receive data from all over the world, it is often cumbersome to manage different languages found within large text documents. Manage a taxonomy to bundle synonymous terms together and use a common vocabulary among international departments and data.

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Get inspired by our case study!

Our client is a government agency leading the world in aeronautics and space research. Using PoolParty Semantic Suite’s ontology servers and automated tagging capabilities, our client has been able to streamline their content management and creation processes among thousands of employees. While improving collaboration across the board, PoolParty has allowed this organization to increase workplace efficiency so that they can deliever the best content in real-time.

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