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Knowledge Management Reborn 

Online Event | June 15- 16, 2022

Join Andreas Bluamuer, CEO of Semantic Web Company, as he presents on enterprise knowledge hubs during this two-day online event on modern knowledge management.

The conference is a mixture of thought-leading presentations and a few in-depth workshop presentations of ninety minute duration. At these sessions, topics are delved into in detail with hands-on opportunities. The conference, therefore, is the perfect platform to find out what is happening in the KM marketplace and also learn how to do it.

“The Knowledge Graph as a Central Element of Enterprise Knowledge Hubs” Presentation + Q&A Session (40 minutes)

Andreas Blumauer, CEO, Semantic Web Company Inc.

This presentation provides deep insights into the methodology used to develop the Semantic Web Company’s Knowledge Hub as a core element of a broader knowledge management strategy. It will cover methodologies, architecture, implemented governance models, and the added value from a business perspective.

Be part of it on June 15, 2022, 1:06 PM – 1:46 PM CST!

Conference registration (We hope to see you there!)

Data Day Texas 2022

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