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From Data to Knowledge with Semantic AI

How PoolParty takes blocks of data and turns it into something meaningful

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs – Transforming Data into Knowledge


Hakim Tafer, Data Knowledge Engineer, Semantic Web Company


January 26, 2023

Data, Business Objects, and Knowledge Graphs

The key to successful digital transformation of any company is to be able to dynamically generate comprehensive 360-degree views of core processes and business objects. Making holistic views of heterogeneous data landscapes available to knowledge workers in their individual contexts is the most efficient way to turn data into real competitive advantages – adding value for both employees and customers.

How are Content, Data and People Connected?

With the increasing speed of technological advancements, the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is continually pushing the bar in innovation.

These industries require significant research and development, creating an endless amount of data and content that is very difficult to manage and find. A void is often created in what could otherwise be a potential treasure trove of data used for automation, deeper text analytics, recommender systems, and networking with other data in the enterprise.

Implementing a Knowledge Graph in combination with AI and Machine Learning algorithms helps put context and rationale into their data, allowing them to make informed decisions based on all of the information available.

Join us in our webinar led by Data & Knowledge Engineer Hakim Tafer, subject matter expert for healthcare and pharmaceuticals, to learn how data can be turned into knowledge with the help of semantics.

This webinar will present the key success factors in developing, operating and evolving Semantic AI in your enterprise with the help of PoolParty, including:

  • Text Mining, NLP and IDP
  • Document Classification, Categorization and Optimization
  • Best Practices to overcome Disambiguation
  • Corpus Management 101


Hakim Tafer

Hakim Tafer

Data Knowledge Engineer, Semantic Web Company

Hakim Tafer has over 20 years of experience in data, information and knowledge analytics, and management projects. He has worked in a broad range of industries with a focus on pharma and consulting companies.

As a Data and Knowledge Engineer at Semantic Web Company, he developed numerous implementation architectures in the field of graph-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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