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Solutions for Data-driven Business


Data is about sustaining future business success. Our PoolParty consultants can build and connect everything you need to analyze, evaluate it and predict what is essential for your business.

Companies are heavily investing to improve their data-based decision making to be among the early adopters of new business opportunities.
Martin Kaltenböck

CFO, Smart Data evangelist

This Is What You Can Expect from Us

  • CUSTOMIZED DATA PORTALS: We provide you with a keyturn data analytics portal that displays exactly what you need. It then can be further refined and extended due to its standards-based approach.
  • NO FRICTIONS IN YOUR ENTERPRISE INFORMATION SYSTEM: We can implement the Semantic Technology Suite in the back end and assist you on application level.
  • COST SAVINGS AND FAST DELIVERY: You outsource the customization of web portals to experienced information professionals.
  • WORLD-CLASS OPEN DATA EXPERTISE: We can provide you with relevant information on how to profit from the public data treasure.

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