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Outstanding Microsoft Solutions with PoolParty for Sharepoint

July 5, 2023

Thomas Thurner

Thomas Thurner

Director Marketing


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Microsoft Solutions Partners identify, design, and implement customized solutions. Bringing extensive experience and coupling this with Microsoft cloud-based technologies, they elevate the everyday work of their colleagues, employees, and business partners. It is exactly these Microsoft Solution Providers that PoolParty for SharePoint is offering an outstanding solution for.

Microsoft SharePoint is an application that is widely used in everyday business and is part of the standard “toolkit” of many companies, this is why it is a key lever when it comes to productivity, workflow efficiency, and job satisfaction. A lever that you, as a Microsoft Solution Provider of such companies, need to know how to move.

PoolParty for SharePoint transforms the document dump created over the years into a smart document system that makes historical content accessible again, creating context and optimizing retrieval efficiency many times over.

Partner with PoolParty 

To bring this innovative solution to customers, we are looking for established and experienced Microsoft Solution Partners with a large and loyal customer base. Those which are familiar with the demands of customers and understand their need for innovation. This deep understanding of your customers will help you shape the development of their Microsoft cloud tool stack. Together we are able to marry the strength of Semantic AI with the established SharePoint systems of your customers to:


  • Reuse and repurpose legacy content
  • Enable knowledge exchange with AI you can trust.
  • Spend less time looking for what you need.
  • Turn demanding tasks into a streamlined workplace.

If you have customers that check these boxes, they are the perfect candidates for our PoolParty for SharePoint solution. Semantic Web Company (SWC) has an extensive Partnership Program that will help support you in this journey to ensure the success of PoolParty with your customers. SWC will enable and empower you in order to promote, sell, and implement this component in your overall offering to cusomers.

From a Partner perspective, we would provide you with the following to ensure your success with customers:

  • Quick turnaround to put an agreement in place so that you can resell the PoolParty for SharePoint solution
  • An online academy and hands-on workshops in order to technically enable a small team at your company
  • Workshops to empower your sales and presales teams, as well as collaterals to support you during the presales and sales phases of your customer engagement
  • Access to a demo system to show customers what they can expect so they can quickly see the value of our solution
  • A starter kit package to get customers up and running quickly, as to shorten the time to value of their purchase
This diagram shows how the job role and skills are mapped in an ontology

What are you waiting for? Flip that lever and enable the next generation of search and recommendation for Microsoft cloud products.

Dive into the PoolParty ecosytem.

PoolParty for SharePoint was developed by Semantic Web Company – vendor of the most advanced semantic middleware platform on the global market, the PoolParty Semantic Suite. As a middleware, PoolParty serves as the powerful intermediary between customer databases and applications so that their knowledge models can continuously evolve in a stable, interconnected environment. 

PoolParty for SharePoint has been developed and improved over the years to satisfy individual customer needs. Our latest iteration of the solution is our greatest yet – and ready for any SharePoint Online user.

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