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Data Analytics & Visualization

PoolParty supports the use of smart and user-friendly solutions, both for the more efficient handling of data-based business processes and for the management of knowledge-intensive project landscapes.

Focus on available data, transform your insights into actions and leave your competitors behind you! PoolParty lets you generate very flexible data analytics and visualization dashboards and custom business reports.You create a powerful foundation for better contextualised information.

How does Data Analytics & Visualization work with PoolParty:

  • The PoolParty Semantic Platform provides an extensive feature set: generate insights from structured and unstructured data from different sources and in virtually any format.
  • Selected data will be transformed into RDF graphs following the rules you define in your ontologies and taxonomies.
  • The analytical options are endless through the power of SPARQL, the W3C standard for querying and analyzing knowledge graphs.
PoolParty semantic architecture flow chart

Your Benefits

  •  PoolParty is a highly reliable solution. It is a technology suite designed for intense data work at both the front end and the back end.
  • Using PoolParty you avoid the danger of being entangled in a resource-intense data migration project. By applying metadata and storing it in a NoSQL database, you start fast and safe with your data-driven agenda.
  • PoolParty enables you to integrate Linked Open Data into your information system. Profit from synergy effects within your business ecosystem!

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