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Servicing the next generation of AI solutions.

Integrate an award-winning Semantic AI platform to build smart applications and systems.

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All the foundational tools you need to kick off your knowledge management processes.


The PoolParty Semantic Suite is used by more than 180 companies across various industries and use cases. As a semantic middleware, it tackles the ever-growing problems associated with unstructured data, language ambiguity, and data silos. Our suite of tools transforms companies’ arduous workflows into automated systems that understand your data and content.

You can easily integrate PoolParty across your various systems.

PoolParty stands out in the market with a user-friendly interface.

The application can be scaled to fit your needs as they evolve.

We combine machine learning with semantics for more precise AI.

PoolParty is  ISO 27001:13 certified, paired with Keycloak, and secure.

Our Semantic Suite has pioneered the field of Semantic AI.

PoolParty is a Champion in the 2024 Metadata Management Emotional Footprint Report
*As of December 2024

Gartner named PoolParty as a Sample Vendor for Active Metadata Management

*Hype Cycle for Data Management, 2022


Grow your business with better systems.

Altogether, our semantic capabilities allow you to transform outdated, siloed systems into intelligent applications that use your data more effectively. Benefit from a more productive workforce and a happier customer base.


Build the foundations of your knowledge model with a structure that your machine can understand.

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Text Mining

Use natural language processing to extract the most valuable pieces of your data and content.

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Knowledge graphs

Connect business assets and data silos in a context-rich ecosystem. Generate holistic views.

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Enterprise search

Access information more easily and get tailored content recommendations.

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Graph-Infused LLMs

Use a Semantic RAG to get answers and summaries to your questions with a powerful chatbot.

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Overcome the limits of Large Language Models (LLMs)

The potential for hallucinations with LLMs is always present. However, by implementing Semantic RAG techniques, we can effectively reduce their occurrence rate.


We’ve helped organizations like you.

The PoolParty Team has the pleasure of working with more than 180 companies and non-profits. We help customers build their semantic foundations and guide them through the process of scaling up to enterprise-ready platforms.

Better Findability

See how Microsoft uses the full PoolParty stack to improve how they find and manage content in their technical documentation.

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Knowledge hub

See how HealthDirect Australia uses knowledge graphs and semantic search to deliver Australia’s leading platform for health services.

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See how a leading consulting firm has used automated tagging to improve their workflows and offer tailored service recommendations.

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Digital Innovation

See how Wolters Kluwer has transformed their workplace with a taxonomy solution that helps them offer better user experiences.

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The Fast Lane to Knowledge Graph – infused GenAI


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Generative AI Guidebook


This Generative AI Guidebook tells you about the limitations of a standard LLM and how you can get started with graph-infused RAG.

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Semantic Web Company at the KMWorld Top 100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management


We are thrilled to announce that we are recognized as one of the KMWorld Top 100 companies in Knowledge Management 2024!

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ESG at Semantic Web Company

Blog post

We are passionate about how Semantic AI can help make an impact in the world. Read about ESG at Semantic Web Company.

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