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From text mining to linked data

PoolParty Thesaurus Server is one of the global marketleaders in the field of taxonomy management and the creation of knowledge graphs.

The unique combination of text mining and ontology engineering with linked data opens up new options for metadata and information management.

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The Business Value of
Agile Data Management

Increase the value of your data: semantic search, agile data integration & content personalization foster a better reuse of existing data.

Our technologies allow our customers to master agile data & information management to reduce costs in a complex world. The use of linked data standards is key.

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Integrate semantic technologies
into your information systems

Together with our partners based in the EU and the US, we offer you services to integrate semantics and data standards into various systems:

Make your SharePoint, Confluence, Drupal, WordPress, FirstSpirit, etc. even smarter with the power of text mining, taxonomies, harmonized metadata and linked data.

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Why Choose Us?

For more than 10 years, Semantic Web Company has been offering consultancy services for the integration of semantic technologies in enterprises and data-intensive organizations. PoolParty is one of the first enterprise-ready technology platforms on the market which has been used by Global-500 companies for their linked data management. Learn more.
PoolParty technologies have been developed for use in larger organisations. Our APIs support effortless integration with third-party systems. PoolParty products are based on best-of-breed technologies and our own innovations to provide a future-proof technology stack for your semantic systems. Learn more.
Semantic Web Company has offered IT-services for over 10 years. Our team of experts together with our partners will support you from the project idea, requirements analysis, and software architecture until turnkey installation. Learn more.

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